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Sept 15
Posted on Sep 15, 2017 1:58 PM

I have gizmo playing again ,
Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/44cc3b
Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/559373
Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/b4504d

Basic the above is a this
Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/5fffc1

Here below , the Scraper blades will be added on the window openings
Here it is as basic and downsized ,

Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/ef7e86
Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/034faf
Thumb of 2017-09-15/jimard8/b06ae3

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July 15
Posted on Jul 15, 2017 9:52 PM

Some new plants and blooms
Thumb of 2017-07-16/jimard8/a8a737

Thumb of 2017-07-16/jimard8/29df58

Thumb of 2017-07-16/jimard8/db5e07

Thumb of 2017-07-16/jimard8/f748ed

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July 8
Posted on Jul 9, 2017 6:20 PM

My greens cutter blade
Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/9b9e1a
Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/e04878

Bottom of the coffee can it is setting in
Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/7b1d85

Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/f502a5

Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/601ec8

Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/a02ff0

Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/1e7a75

Honey Bee
Thumb of 2017-07-10/jimard8/9b6ef6

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April 12
Posted on Apr 12, 2017 7:50 PM

Chipper is a Mill
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/7978ba

Close up of milled stems in Breadsack ,
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/1357fb

old washer about to be a Compost tumbler
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/85a26a

Asian Pear ,blooming
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/c76cb6

Salix Discolor catkins
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/22e779

Turnip Greens
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/ce516b

Hemerocallis from Winter sowing
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/aa2805

The resident shade Gardener
Thumb of 2017-04-13/jimard8/db9da5

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April 1
Posted on Apr 1, 2017 7:44 PM

A few today
I believe this a Echinacea , it is from Winter Sowing
Thumb of 2017-04-02/jimard8/b2093f

This is a Heavy leaf Echinacea from Winter sowing

Thumb of 2017-04-02/jimard8/44dd8d

This a try for a better set case for my chipper shredder , looks like half a home built drill press with a few mistakes , the hose clamps instead of a wing nut removable block across the front and back of the drill for one ,
Thumb of 2017-04-02/jimard8/690657
Thumb of 2017-04-02/jimard8/f90028

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