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Daylily Seeds
Posted on Aug 6, 2012 6:02 PM

Well  I had 2 trays of daylily seeds not come up despite pregerminating.  They were mostly the old ones, so who knows...........

I have reclaimed both trays to plant some of this years seeds today and will keep my fingers crossed that I am gonna get some green sprouts from them.   I have a tray and 1/2 of green outside that are doing well, but 3 trays indoors that have nothing (well 2 trays of new pregerminated seeds) 

I have a lot of seeds in H2O2 water to finish filling the indoor trays and will move any green stuff outdoors when it hits the lights.  I love daylily seedlings. 

Got some of LaLa's seeds today.  I feel so special. =)  Will love growing hers out.

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Mich, NOT Semp Surgery
Posted on Jul 6, 2012 9:02 PM

Well,  I no longer have an appendix.   I started hurting last night about 9pm.  Went to the ER at 4am and had it removed at 7am.  Fast.  Turned out to be a very infected ovary and fallopian tube as well.  And a burst cyst on the ovary.  I do it up when I do it.  I was in tons of pain then, and now, at 10pm the surgery is hurting quite a bit when I stand up or straighten out.

July 11

Doing much better,  have been outside to water by myself. =)  Just have a few 'side stitches'  like I've been running so far as pain goes, and I'm still getting tired quickly.  Don't ever want to do this again!

July 14

Doing ever so much better.  Off pain pills entirely except I finally got to take an excedrin for my headache!  Yeah!  I can't believe it's been a week.  I didn't even do any reading cuz the pills made me too sleepy!  I think Rob is ready for me to be better.  She's worn out taking care of me, the house and the kids dogs while they are in Tx.  Thankfully, they come home today and can see to their own dogs!  I hope internally I am doing as well as I am feeling externally.  DO NOT WANT another surgery!!!   PS.  I don't ever want to have to put my Industrial back in again either.  Joshua put it back for me today.  Ouch.

July 23

Having discomfort and mild pain around site of upper puncture and a swollen lymph node under my left arm.  Calling Dr. tomorrow.  Still getting tired and I don't feel much like doing anything, though the heat might have something to do with that!

Aug 6

Wore jeans for the first time again yesterday.  Made the upper scar itch, but that's about it.  Still on antibiotics for a few more days but other than that I think I'm a-okay.  Yeay.

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Daylily Seeds On The Rocks
Posted on Jul 4, 2012 10:17 PM


Okay,  trying a new method of starting daylily seeds called On The Rocks.  I presprouted the seeds with H2O2 and water in a baggie.  Now they are on top of fishtank gravel with H2O2 water just up to the top of the rocks.  We'll see what we will see.  These are just mixed Noid seeds from last years blooms.

July 17, 

Moved these to soil cups.  Have about 100 seeds in big containers.

All of these rotted or molded.  Terrible way to start daylilies for me.  I'll stick to baggies and seed starting mix in little cups. =(

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197.4 Trying to save Semp. Euphemia
Posted on Jul 2, 2012 5:25 PM

Well posted on "How to save a blooming rosette" my efforts to save Semp. Euphemia today.  Keeping fingers crossed.  No reason for it not to work!  It'll work this time, unlike Hurricane.  Though I might get some seedlings from Hurricane....

 July 3

Potted up the 3 pieces, the roots were totally dry and crispy.  Hope it's not too soon or too late. 

July 4

Misted the 3 pots.  The original bloomstalk bloomed today a lovely ballerina pink.

July 17

All 3 pots dried up and died.  One pot grew mushrooms because I put it in a plastic baggie.  Still have blooms on the top outside.



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Old Daylily Seeds
Posted on Jun 29, 2012 5:16 PM

I h2o2'd a bunch of old bags of daylily seeds and have gotten 36 sprouts in 5 days!  I am so happy.  Thought they were all gonners.  They are from fall 09!  There are a few more sprouted that I haven't potted up yet.  Got my first sprouts today from this springs aquisitions. =)

It's been consistently hot.  Watering only in the shade and at dusk.   Will be happy to have Rob home for the next 2 days.  Weekend!

Raked up a ton of pits from the 'ornamental' peach tree.  Hate that thing.  Want to chop it and the Maple down!  Between the peach pits, the fruit gnats and the maple seedlings, I am not feeling very Earth friendly.  Down with the trees!!!

Everything (the grass) I have not been watering is crispy.  Must remedy that before the 3rd and fireworks.  Don't want debris from the town firework display catching the yard on fire!  So I'm watering.  Bit by bit.

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