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Posted on Jul 11, 2015 12:47 PM

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Tetraploid Conversions
Posted on Jun 29, 2015 2:05 PM

I've collected a few Tet Conversions lately.
I only wish that I would of gotten some with much better pollen and pod setting...
Before buying some high dollar conversions for hybridizing you should read up about how fertile they are...

Tetra Elfin Etching, I can set pods on it but have used its pollen dozens of times no pods...
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Tetra Texas Kaleidoscope, I used its pollen last year more heavily than any other flower, I set pods on almost every one I tried. When it was time time to harvest pods, I had about 5 pods from Ttk pollen. 90% of them aborted...
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/ecd41f
Tetra Super Fancy Face, I also used this one a ton, I ended up with 2 total pods from sff pollen.
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/71289f
Tetra Dallas Star. Haven't gotten any pods on itself yet but its pollen works good.
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I hope others on ATP will make notes about things like this and post them.


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Patterned Tetraploid Daylilies (Part 2)
Posted on Jun 29, 2015 1:52 PM

I now have some patterned seedlings and some new patterned registered one to show...
Aztec Headdress X Vivid Butterfly, first bloom with a great pattern...
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/312f4f
But look at this,meh second bloom and no pattern. 😒
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/ac6dba
And yet another bloom with no pattern. The first bloom was better than all the rest.
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/707ee0
Here is a sibling to the one up above.
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/ff2ece
No pattern on the next blooms...
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/6c636f

Now to some registered ones...
Tides Roll In, no pattern but gorgeous!
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/3f15aa
Stenciled Di Fresco, first bloom. Fairly good pattern!
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/967aef
Second bloom.
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/1314f9
Third bloom
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/8ad7fb
Fourth and fifth, with a decent pattern.
Thumb of 2015-06-29/kidfishing/f0ff06
Another goal in my hybridizing is a red pattern or a red flower with a pattern, so I have been using Stenciled Di Fresco on all my eyed and eyes and watermarks..

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Daylily Seedling Comparison
Posted on Jun 7, 2015 3:12 PM

In this blog post I wil show you how siblings vary.
All these daylilies have the same parents, some of these are ugly and some are nice, some have a pattern and some don't. It's fun to see what you can get with daylily seedlings.
All these are Not Guilty X Ripples & Reflections
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/10bccf
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/b2035e
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/48dd07
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/f0349f
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/e5889f
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/81a271
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/a6b976
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/9c9a44
Thumb of 2015-06-07/kidfishing/38087d


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