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More lambs!
Posted on Feb 20, 2015 2:41 PM

Here are some lamb pictures.
Lamb with Kloe (dog)
Thumb of 2015-02-20/kidfishing/cf0c31
New for today
Thumb of 2015-02-20/kidfishing/aa933f
32 lambs so far.
Thumb of 2015-02-20/kidfishing/18f805

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Seed starting
Posted on Feb 12, 2015 10:14 AM

It's February that means it's time to start our daylily seeds!
Here are our daylily seedlings just now sprouting.
Thumb of 2015-02-12/kidfishing/6b2f0d
Then they get planted in the treys.
Thumb of 2015-02-12/kidfishing/9013a3
Looks like a daylily forest! :)
Thumb of 2015-02-12/kidfishing/14566c
Waiting to get planted.
Thumb of 2015-02-12/kidfishing/1047ed
Our shelf.
Thumb of 2015-02-12/kidfishing/c8e8e2

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It's lambing season!
Posted on Feb 11, 2015 4:58 PM

We're up to 28 lambs!
Here are some pictures. :)
Sleeping in the hay.
Thumb of 2015-02-11/kidfishing/99c79a
Hollering for Maaaaaa!
Thumb of 2015-02-11/kidfishing/9ef423
Sheep herd.
Thumb of 2015-02-11/kidfishing/079bc0
Hungry lamb.
Thumb of 2015-02-11/kidfishing/5bcd61

Thumb of 2015-02-11/kidfishing/1feb7a

Thumb of 2015-02-11/kidfishing/2bade7

And lots more lambs to come!

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Windswept Farm & Gardens
Posted on Feb 3, 2015 1:00 PM

Take a look at our daylilies at


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The quest for the blue eyed daylily
Posted on Feb 2, 2015 5:42 PM

Here I will show you some of our most bluish eyed daylilies.
First up some seedlings.
Michael's Sword X Super Fancy Face... Dark purple-blue.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/89009a
Georgia Pancy Face X Kaleidoscopic Intrigue... Kinda blue.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/df2f7c
Nikki Schmith X Blue Oasis. Light blue.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/ff70a9
Green Treat X Oreintal Eyes.. Kind of blue...
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/ecc5a3
Nikki Schmith X Blue Oasis... Grey-Blue...
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/86dd89

Now the Tetraploid seedlings.

Mary Lightfine X Vertical Horizon
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/b13192
Asian Fairy Bluebird X Blue Note. It's made from two bluish daylilies and look what I got PURPLE!
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/3c7e5f
#71 Unknown Seedling.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/d5acb8

Hoping to have much more blue eyes this spring!

Now for some of the most blue eyed registered daylilies.

Little Blue Angel. G. Stamile 2010. Light blue eye with vivid green throat.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/de3c2f
Mississippi Blues
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/6b288d
Blue Desire.. Probably the most true blue.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/c82a97
Blue Eyed Bandit. Patterned light blue.
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/0f5d68
Cosmic Odyssey
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/bc843e
Ledgewood's Calico Blues
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/573c05
Funky Blues
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/bb3fdc

Fantasy daylily! ;)
Thumb of 2015-02-02/kidfishing/9cb232


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