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The Patterned Tetraploid Daylily (Part 1)
Posted on May 20, 2015 2:52 PM

In this post I will be showing you some patterned daylilies. Here in Oklahoma a lot of daylilies that are supposed to have patterns don't. There are some that have patterns on some days and some that don't ever have a patterned eye. There are very few consistent ones, at least here.

First up is So Many Ripples
This one was trying to have some patterns on it.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/d27bfd
This was the best bloom all year, not very impressive, not nearly as nice as the hybridizers pic.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/78b9d6
No pattern. :(
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/05aab0
So far Barcode has had a consistent pattern!
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/d8a7f4
Supernatural, I had a couple blooms that had a ring or two in the eye.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/b9b9ff
Supernatural, this was the best bloom.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/288c97
Aztec Headress, this one is older but has one of the most consistent patterns.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/e296f8
Showing the nice pattern.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/3ef00c
Pebble In A Pond...
This one was very disappointing, it never had a pattern.
It looked no better than, Border Lord or Canadian Border Patrol.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/0f160d
Dragonfly Dawn. It doesn't have a pattern but it's supposed to be one of the best parents for patterned eyes. So of course I used this one a lot.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/0334ea
Blue Eyed Bandit
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/c016e0
Blue Eyed Bandit... One of the better eye zones.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/4695b6
Butterfly Shores.. No pattern, not really fancy either.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/0ae236
Mysterious Eyes. Older but great.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/67969d
Slipped My Disco. Some patterns.
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/a99282
Slipped My Disco
Thumb of 2015-05-20/kidfishing/19bfdb

It is my goal in hybridizing to make a consistent patterned eye in tetraploids.
I also would like to work on red pattern eyes.
A list of patterns that have not bloomed. That I will post later for part 2.
Stenciled De Fresco
Lemon Zebra
Marseilles Watercolor
Blue In The Face
Closer To Heaven

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Iris Blooms!
Posted on Apr 26, 2015 1:42 PM

Lots of Iris blooming today!
Here are a lot of the irises that have been blooming this year.
I am saving my Iris picture for Iris week. 😉

Lest We Forget
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/256c0f
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/9bacdf
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/a24a4e
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/2d3526
Sunset Punch
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/2f47bc
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/3cf6ef
Fiery Echo
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/8acd09
Fruited Plain
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/192b26
Catwalk Queen
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/f0fdc9
Double Down
Thumb of 2015-04-26/kidfishing/b63b12

Thanks for looking.

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Daffodils and Iris
Posted on Mar 30, 2015 8:52 PM

Daffodils are in full bloom and Iris stalks are coming!
Lots of plants are blooming, now to wait for Iris and DAYLILIES! 😃

Crabapple tree blooming
Thumb of 2015-03-31/kidfishing/7ba42e
Unknown daffodil
Thumb of 2015-03-31/kidfishing/f5fa28
Mixed tulips🌷
Thumb of 2015-03-31/kidfishing/3844ac
Thumb of 2015-03-31/kidfishing/d7c14c
Creeping phlox
Thumb of 2015-03-31/kidfishing/09007e


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Seedling progress
Posted on Mar 19, 2015 8:27 PM

Daylily seedlings will be planted in the garden next month and bloom in 2 years.
Seedlings growing well.
Thumb of 2015-03-20/kidfishing/9d6206
Thumb of 2015-03-20/kidfishing/4f9171
Thumb of 2015-03-20/kidfishing/98824e

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Signs of Spring
Posted on Mar 17, 2015 4:32 PM

Spring is this week!
Daylilies growing fast!
Thumb of 2015-03-17/kidfishing/7726bd
Plum trees blooming.
Hoping that the freezes are over.
Thumb of 2015-03-17/kidfishing/2db8e6
Daffodills in full bloom.
Thumb of 2015-03-17/kidfishing/fa869c

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