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Posted on Sep 28, 2017 7:55 PM

I made friends with the garden department manager at Lowe's and got way too good of a deal by agreeing to purchase his almost dead succulents for .05 each. Then he gave me a bunch of good ones for anywhere from .05 to $1. Now I have way too many, plus I have been propagating. I am still trying to save the dying ones. Many had root rot.

Then I caused some to have even more root rot. I used cactus potting soil and sometimes didn't even water, but within 2 days, rot ran rampant. How long did I need to wait for fresh cuts to heal? I swear they were calloused over. If rot jyst barely started, can soil be reused inbthe future?

Also, I got a braided money tree plant. One stem was complete mush. Roots had grown out the bottom of the pot which was sitting in another pot that had water accumulated in the bottom of it. The rot was spreading to the others. Any tips for saving them?

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