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Four tips to hire an honest roofer
Posted on Sep 9, 2015 5:27 AM

Hiring a roofer you can trust is crucial to the overall quality of your roofing system. Whether you’re having your entire roof replaced or you’re just having a few damaged areas patched up, it’s crucial that you can trust the roofer doing your work. The last thing you want when it comes to getting roofing work done is to have some out-of-town roofer do a little work and then disappear with your money and without completing the job.

Here are four tips you should follow to make sure that the roofer you hire is one you can trust.

1.Get several estimates. Though you may end up hiring the first roofer you speak with, it’s always a good idea to get a few estimates to begin with. Many homeowners have a tendency to hire the first roofer who gives them an affordable quote. But if you’re only getting one quote, you have nothing to compare it to. Don’t be afraid to ask several roofers for a quote even though it will mean having to say “no” to all but one of them. An honest roofer won’t resort to scare tactics in order to get a job.

2.Do your homework. You should never enter into any kind of contract with a roofer without doing a little investigative work. A great resource to go to is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area. They keep tabs on all of the local businesses and keep a record of all complaints filed against a company. Keep in mind that even the most reputable roofers may have some complaints filed against them. What you want to pay attention to is the roofer’s track record when it comes to handling these complaints in a timely manner. If a roofer has a lot of unresolved complaints against them, hire someone else.

3.Make sure everything is done by the book. Contractors are heavily regulated by the local government to keep residents safe from unscrupulous contractors. An honest roofer will have a license to do roofing work in your community. An honest roofer will gladly provide you with proof of insurance and will also take care of getting the proper permits to do the work. You should be wary of a contractor who is hesitant to show you a license or proof of insurance.

4.Hire local. Finally, and most importantly, make sure the roofer you hire is local. Fly-by-night roofers, or storm-chasers, may come through your town after a big storm offering their services, but they’ll be long gone should your roof fail again. They won’t be able to honor any kind of warranty on their services. A local roofer, on the other hand, won’t skip town with the job half-finished. A local roofer will work hard to make sure you’re satisfied because a roofer’s success depends on a good reputation in the community.

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