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Bless the beasts and the children, Give them shelter from the storm
Posted on Jun 17, 2013 9:03 PM

Sister took BuddhaBoy and Shortie to her house.  Guess they picked up girl-child on the way.  While they were all gone, I filed the SSD appeal on-line.  Napped most of the afternoon around it.

                    2013-06-18/lovemyhouse/0d4d1f                   2013-06-18/lovemyhouse/07e931

Humidity kicking my butt.  Of course, picking up a 20+ pound child 18,000 times a day doesn’t have anything to do with my being tired, no siree, it doesn’t!

                     2013-06-18/lovemyhouse/f1ac95       2013-06-18/lovemyhouse/4da393


Skipped over New Day to Next New Day.  Haven’t felt like writing much.  It’s sort of  a blank with Blondy gone.  So peaceful and calm and quiet—even with Shortie being on the phone with her new love interest most of her waking hours.  At least she uses headphones to keep both hands free for baby care.  Mostly, though, I think it is too much tired and my brain is a-sog. Worth it, though.

Nothing all that new in the yard.  Tis too warm and humid for much outside even if I did have the energy. 

Lay down when boy does or I would not be on my feet at all.  He woke up three times during the night.  Girl-child is teething and cranky.  Shortie doesn’t seem to comprehend that baby needs to be picked up, held, walked and/or rocked.  She thinks it should be enough to lay baby beside her and slap her back…sigh…she gets that pigheadedness from her grandmother.

Oooh, oooh, oooh!!! We are about to get some rain!


Got a decent amount of sky water over about three hours.  Daylilies are hitting their stride.  Some newly blooming ones might find new homes.  Not all that fond of purples that fade badly by afternoon.  Second bloom on the Josh Cullins.


I am so bored.  Entertaining a one-year-old is fun for the entertainee, but not too stimulating for the entertainer. :-p


Little more rain late this afternoon.  Back door glass is foggy now from condensation—glad I’m in here and not out there!  :-D

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Christopher Robin and I walked along, Under branches lit up by the moon
Posted on Jun 13, 2013 6:07 PM

So, it’s me ‘n Buddha Boy.  I have a headache…LOL  Sister didn’t yell at me for threatening her granddaughter, and approved everything else, which is a relief.

Boy-child has all kinds of new toys from his birthday and what is he playing with?  That’s right, an empty box.



New day.  BooBoo seems happy enough with his mother gone.  He is teething or something.  A little fever, not much appetite, liquid ‘discharge’ in his underdrawers. :-D  Baby Tylenol, slushy ice pops in his bottle, chilled teethers, and Wheat Thins Flatbreads.  We’ll see how he fares with those helpers.

Went through that bedroom last night.  Discarded more trash than I wanted to see in there, packed up the rest of Blondy’s things, and put the bin and boxes on the back porch.  Went through all of boy-child’s clothes and pulled everything sized less than 12 months.  Those are going to the women’s shelter.  Pulled apart the bed pallet on which Blondy had been sleeping.  Washing all the pieces used to build it up, except the sleeping bag and the foam mattress topper.  Rolled up the first and put the latter in the living room for Buddha Boy.  He is having a good time with it. Awwwww.  Found more than a dozen baby blankets wadded up here and there.


Bad news is I believe I have another head cold.  And I broke my right little toe again last night for the seventh time, I think it is?  Getting to where it doesn’t really hurt anymore and that sign has unpleasant connotations.

The yard looks incredibly good.  Sister came up with $20 and C got his girlfriend’s father to come take care of it.  I only asked for the worst four places and he did the entire yard, mowed and edged.  Very grateful to him.


It is only 8:37am and I’m already tuckered. 

Lesson learned:  When one is washing bed linens from a room in which mother and child both sleep, one should always ensure to completely unfold and shake out said linens.  Otherwise, one might very well wash three used disposable diapers with the above mentioned bed linens.


New day.  Another lesson learned:  When boy-child is sleeping, one should lay down, also. 


He is clinging and fretful.  Think it is more to do with his teeth than his mother, but no psychic here and I could be 180° wrong.  He is eating ice pops and I semi-freeze his yogurt.


June-hot and climbing.  Think my days of more than deadheading outside are about over until September.  Happy, happy with most of my flowers.  Been told the spotty stuff on the flowers is probably thrip damage.  Saw a Cardinal couple flitting in the Rose of Sharon trees.  After just a few minutes, she decided to rocket off and, of course, he followed.  Still was joyful to see them.



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Kiss this, and I don't mean on my rosy red lips
Posted on Jun 10, 2013 8:17 PM

Oh, crud, both babies fussy all night…sigh…I’m too old for this.  LOL  Girl-child is just shy of six months old and has two teeth coming in.  Boy-child just turned one year old and has one tooth.  Dunno how that works.

Maybe had too much coffee yesterday.  Didn’t sleep well, anyway, kept waking up.  Got up before 6:00 and started sister’s breakfast.  Made her scrambled eggs, bacon, tater crowns, and shredded cheese all on toast.  Nice change from tortillas.  Went outside around 6:30 to deadhead and see what was opening up for photographs later this morning.  Moved some more ‘stuff’ out of the sunroom.  Just about time to get that set up for Shortie’s bedroom.

AHHH, girl-child got up on her hands and knees for the first time today!!  Tried that a few times, then started rocking back and forth.  She beese crawlin’ soon.

BOY-child has found the power button on my PC.  AND he pushes it.  ROFL  Going to have to move some stuff and put it up on the desk.


Babysitting both chitlins while sister takes mamas to wally world to get stuff for tomorrow’s party.  Jeepers, three hours later, they finally get back…I’m tired…


New day.  Why is it that babies HAVE to go toward the thing that is the worst for them?  Like dogs who bark at them and want to be left alone?

Moved the PC to the top of the desk.


New day.  Thunderstorms!  Raining for about two hours, now. Yippee!!!  Happy dance, happy dance.

Blondy asked to go out last night.  No problem, just not all night. So, yep, 6:15am this morning, guess who is stumbling in the door, drunk and trying to hide it.  I don’t know what is best to do.  On the one hand, every mother needs a break.  On the other hand, she was passed out on the couch and oblivious when he started crying so fiercely at 8:30 this morning.  Poor baby, he was hungry.  After he was changed and fed, he played for a couple of hours with his b’day toys, then wanted a nap.  He’s still sleeping. 

It used to help, complaining about her actions here, but it is beginning to feel whiny and grouchy and petty.  Like I am ALWAYS grousing about Blondy and doing nothing else.  Starting to make me feel grimy.  Was thinking when sister moves in, she would help.  Don’t know if that will work.  Sister can’t let go of the idea that these two are not children any more; they are young women who made choices which, consequently, gave them adult responsibilities.  THEY have to be the ones to meet those responsibilities.  We cannot, cannot, cannot keep making decisions for them, doing the things they should be doing for themselves, and bailing them out of every unpleasant situation into which they put themselves.  Told her last week, if we don’t let them fall, they will never learn how to stand up.  I dunno, dunno.

Tried a different tack.  Said I was very disappointed in Blondy's behavior.  Didn’t yell, didn’t curse, didn’t point fingers, just matter of factly said disappointed and left the room.  Shamed her for a few minutes—I think.  If did, don’t know how long it will last.  Maybe just until the hangover is gone.  I dunno, dunno.


Supposed to get close to 100 degrees by Wednesday or Thursday.  HAVE to get SOMEONE here to cut down the grass in back.  Those climbing roses in the back corner have mutated and are trying to take over the world using my yard AND the neighbor’s yard as their starting point.  (really, I’m concerned about the weight on both fences, but mutating aliens sound better)

Read up on natural canine flea repellants.  Going to try the garlic in the food/oatmeal shampoo/steeped rosemary rinse.  See if any of those help.  Dogs will smell good, at least.


New day.  Okay, guess I can complain today.  Woke up at 1:10am to baby boy crying.  Thinking Mom may be asleep, get up.  Not in the room with baby.  Back door open.  Maybe she’s outside smoking.  No, she isn’t.  Whole house, front and back yard.  She isn’t here.  Get boy settled down and back to sleep.  Wake up Shortie, ask if Blondy said she was leaving.  No, she didn’t.  Locked the storm door and the back door so she would have to wake up one of us to get in, went back to bed.  Sister gets here at 6:10am.  Blondy had been back at some point and discovered the locked door, because her cup was on the front porch.  Shortie says her phone shows a call from Blondy at 3:45am.  Well, now what.  A huge fight means she takes off with the kid.  Not one single damn thing we can do about it, either.  At the very least, I will be taking back the house key…BIG sigh…


Shortie fell off a curb yesterday afternoon.  Has badly sprained ankle and is on crutches.  Girl-child due back from her father’s this morning.  Guess it’s a good thing Auntie is home all day AND that girl-child is almost six months old.  Auntie does NOT do little itty bitty babies.  :-/

Boy-baby hold-his-breath crying because he is too tired; girl-baby don’t-want-to-be-satisfied crying; Mickey Mutt crying because…well, who knows why she is crying.  When is it my turn?


Shortie said Blondy also slipped out a week ago.  Blondy had admitted she was drunk the other morning.  When Shortie texted Blondy that I wanted to know who she had asked to watch the boy today, she replied, “It don’t matter.”  Huh?  Suppose I am more fundamentally angry with her than I realized—or maybe would admit.  Both our parents were drunks, Blondy and Shortie’s parents were drunks/drug addicts/mentally ill.   We’ve all been left alone and neglected, and it damaged all of us, including her!  So, given the experiences of all of us, one would think that Blondy would turn down another path.  Incorrectomundo, Fonzarelli. 

House rule is all first-time visitors have to be cleared.  Blondy lets someone I had never met come get her this afternoon; leaves the baby asleep, and takes off without asking anyone to keep a watch on him.  So, what started out as a “Tell me what the problem is…” conversation with her after she got back quickly turned into my leaning across the table and seriously threatening to hurt her if she EVER again abandoned or endangered this child.


I simply canNOT allow that baby to be neglected, even if it enables his mother.  It isn't that I am so deeply attached to him per se.  If someone was taking GOOD care of him, I'd be happy to see him out the door.  But, when she said she hadn’t abandoned him, he was asleep, that was when everything she had ever done to that boy—or rather had not done FOR him—ignited and I made some very serious statements about violence to her person.  Anyway, not surprisingly, the conversation ended there.  She says she is moving out tonight (if she can find someone to come get her), leaving boy here until she is “settled” (which we had previously discussed as a workable option), and is not speaking to me.  Thank you, God, for small mercies.


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I'm no stranger to the rain...
Posted on Jun 6, 2013 7:31 PM

Blondy came home sometime in the wee hours.  Of course, when sister got here at 6:10am and boy-child heard his Nana, he had to get up.  With a smelly load.  Blondy mumbles for Nana to do it.  Excuse me?  Then, she gets bitchy because we make it clear she is expected to change her child?  Uh-unh, don't work that way around here, little girl. Go live somewhere else, you self-centered, spoiled brat.  Oh, yeah, and leave the kid here since he is too much trouble for you.  Walk away, breathe deep...Walk away, breathe deep...

I can flush, I can flush, I can flush!!!!!!!  No more tampons in the toilet stuffing up the old plumbing pipes, girls, or YOU will be the ones cleaning it out.


Blondy said she came home because she ‘had a feeling’ that she shouldn’t stay where she was.  Well, good girl!  Told her to always listen to that feeling.

Okay, Blondy did a good thing.  As soon as sister got here with the Scrubbing Bubbles, I mean when she walked in the door, Blondy grabbed the can and started cleaning the kitchen.  With enthusiasm, no less.  She likes the bubbles.  We'll get her a lifetime supply!



                                      Thank you, Becky.  I love them all.



Shower was sooo nice.  Every time I hear the drain draining or a flush flushing, I can’t help but smile.



New day.  Stiff and sore, but sure glad I got those plants in the ground last night—since it is raining this morning. :-)

Haven’t been able to get the monthly flea/tick prevention from the vet.  Have a bottle of Adams and sprayed Mickey with it night before last.  Don’t think I should do that again, since it seems to have made her unwell.  When Mickey refuses fish sticks and sausage and cheese, there is something wrong.  Seems to be a little more perky today and she did finally accept a bit of scrambled egg.


Stopped raining around 8:30?  Started up again around 1:00 and rained steadily until about 2:30.  Clear for long enough to deadhead, take photographs, and do a load of laundry.  Yea!!

Shortie shared her chocolate stash with me this evening.  I only asked for one, but she gave me TWO York Peppermint Patties!  They are the only chocolate we have in the house right now and I was verrryyyy happy to have them.  Think it's bedtime, now.  For a life-long night owl, 6:00am comes awfully early. :-]


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The game was close, we'll call it a win. Go off to toast the boys again.
Posted on Jun 4, 2013 7:39 PM

I sure miss being a sofa spud.  Mebbe when Shortie gets moved into the sunroom.  No, wait, then Blondie will be using it for her bed because sister will be here, then, too, and have the bedroom Blondie is in now…sigh… :-D

Took advantage of the unusually cool temperatures this morning and pulled those floweredy weeds.  My arms hurt, my legs are shaky, I am weary and sweaty, but a goodly chunk of the back yard is cleared for the dogs.  Was I this old last year? (wry smile here)

Why I never thought of raising the blind by the computer table before…Had so much fun this morning watching Zuzu and Mickey chase each other in the back yard.  Never seen Zuzu play like that with Russell or Willie.  Maybe she was waiting until I got another girl dog?  Or maybe she was just waiting for one that was her own size.  Yukyukyuk

Watching The Women on TCM.  Movie over and TCM commercial comes on—for a John Wayne bobble head.  JOHN WAYNE?!?  They made a bobble head of JOHN WAYNE?!?!?  Say it ain’t so!

Oooooh, saw a hummingbird again this morning.  Wondering if they have been around all this time, but I never saw them because I was at work?


2013-06-05/lovemyhouse/033541  New day.  Blech.2013-06-05/lovemyhouse/0d3abf


New day.  Blondy staying with her friend all week.  I have Buddha this evening so she can go get his birthday stuff.  Plumber coming between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning, so I told her she needed to get boy-child by 8:00AM.  Plumber coming...a plumber is coming to this house.  I should be hearing Hosannas in the distance.

2013-06-05/lovemyhouse/8196e8   2013-06-05/lovemyhouse/8196e82013-06-05/lovemyhouse/fc81b42013-06-05/lovemyhouse/fc81b4

Shortie has a cold.  Was dragging and punky on the way to school.  Chipper and dancing this afternoon: the boyfriend that was, who broke up with Shortie due to pressure from his mother, told said mother he was GOING to see Shortie even if mother and son fought about it every day until he went to college.  Awwwwwwww, young love…

Sister brought me a Whataburger and fries.  Burger was good, but the only fast food fries I think are truly edible are McDonalds.  Call me spoiled, I don’t mind. :-D

Speaking of not minding, emailed old boss this morning asking for a letter with his observations of my mental deterioration over the last few years.  Said he would, but I shouldn’t read it.  Wrote him right back that if it was because the letter would say I have lost my marbles, I have already accepted that.  ROFL  Says he will work on it tonight.  Going to try for neurologist appointment in next few days.  If HE gives me a letter, and the old employer guy gives me a letter, when I file the SSD appeal by the 23rd, I might have a better chance of winning.



Dug up some yellow lilies that were among the very first plants I ever put in the yard.  Picked up six pots from Lowe’s clearance rack for 50 cents a pot.  Best deal I every got from them.  But the lilies are very short this year and I am thinking they would like a looser soil anyway, so put them up by the Patriot pot and in the boomerang daylily bed.  Be much more better, I think.

Daylilies about to put on a fulsome show.  They beese raht purty.  Think I will go out and say, “How-DEEEEEE!” again to the open ones before I go to bed.  Come on, Minnie, I need to borrow your hat.


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