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Hello May!
Posted on May 21, 2015 10:29 AM

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/e6cbd4
Columbine (Love this color!)

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/1b084b
David Austin Teasing Georgia

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/d6f3bc
Easy Does It

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/97104b
Souvinir D'Elise Vardon

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/dec2c3

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/fc5c5c
Amadeus Rose

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/388363

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/109725 Yukon Potatoes Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/dfbfcb Fingerling Potatoes in homemade landscape cloth bags.

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/4f7c68
Sugar Snap Peas

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/ce9544
Aquadulce Fava Beans

Desiree Dwarf Blauwschokkers Peas
Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/dec349 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/a588b8 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/36e897

Broccoli is ready for harvest! Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/59fbd4

Pepper Mania
Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/ca9b69 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/0ef999 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/a59d7d
Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/e9e143 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/719ea6 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/c41ad0 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/8d9ef5

First Tomato Winner goes to the determinate Oregon Springs from Johnny Seeds.
Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/8ac319

Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/51ac21 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/a6660c Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/230079 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/189df7 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/e96634 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/c5325c Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/dfd537 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/40d0e9 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/79df91 Thumb of 2015-05-21/pmb2005/198207

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Bye April
Posted on May 1, 2015 6:53 AM

We went from this
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/7755f1 to this Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/fc21e3 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/a4b73b Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/fda51a Dwarf peas Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/553fbd Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/390268 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/cf20eb
The bagged pepper train
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/7ae3b6 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/e836b5 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/e9bc5d
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/069204
Apple Tree
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/976652 actual apples! Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/7eff3a
Cattle Panel for tomatoes
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/fa89f5 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/80c3f1 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/011707
Aquadulce Fava Beans
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/81bcb2 Trying the Florida Weave with them Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/aa59f8
Potatoes, we'll start adding straw for them to grow up into. 1 method, 2 versions, we'll see how it works.
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/5c90c5 Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/8caddc
Beets Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/49e1ed
Spearmint Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/c9a510
Bleeding Heart Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/bbd823
Fallstaff Brussels Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/c1e905
Columbine Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/f43370
Tidy Tips Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/b3633b
Milkweeds Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/9faaac planning to put Dutchman's Pipe Vine up that trellis
Purple Flowering Allium with baby maple trees and weeds... nice! :D
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/975c9a
Brassicas going strong even if the rabbits are nibbling.
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/40118e
Knockout Rose
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/a42ffe
Raspberry container experiment seems to be going well.
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/ec3f76
Sun bather Sally
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/7bdb91
Mountains on the way to Tellico Plains
Thumb of 2015-05-01/pmb2005/ff13f6

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Growing Cows
Posted on Apr 14, 2015 9:54 AM

The past 2 days I've had cows in my garden when I woke up.

Thumb of 2015-04-14/pmb2005/a01f3f

Hopefully the owners of the cows will fix this problem or I'm going to have me some beef, in trade for my garden they are trampling.

On a happier note, here is my new Solomon's Seal blooming.

Thumb of 2015-04-14/pmb2005/f6f6b3

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Spring Fever
Posted on Apr 14, 2015 5:54 AM

Here's some pictures.
Night Blooming Cereus
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/5b70dd

My tomato trays. I've been working on slowly hardening them off. Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/d54251

This is going to be the year of the pepper, which is ok, because I have never been this successful with peppers before. Love grow lights!
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/938a58 Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/17ce30
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/21c11f

These will be golden raspberries! That's some cumin behind it.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/f01c89

Love the color of this lettuce. Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/a1889d

Why are my garlic leaves turning yellow like this?
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/85be4e

First year Blanda Anemone. Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/fd15f6

Best looking cabbage here, it was a Bonnie plant given to us.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/17dfd2

Strawberry Mania
This was a Bonnie plant last year.Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/1547e3
These are from Mara Des Bois seeds I started this year.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/f8f84b

Chandler Blueberries planted Fall 2014. Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/0973c5

Duke Bluerries planted 2013 from the Tennessee Valey Co-Op. It had Jersey with it but the Jersey died. I can't grow a Jersey Blueberry to save my life. Can't wait to taste these berries again.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/40b1b5

This is probably a weed, but I love it.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/a050de

Blossom on my graphed Fuji, Gala and Yellow Delicious tree bought from the Tennessee Valley Co-Op. I need to take some more pictures of this as it opens.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/48b109

My Brassica collection is a learning experience, as is anything with gardening! This is the best looking ones we have grown yet.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/7890db Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/b53f3f
The hybrid broccoli we planted did not do well at all, but the Purple Sprouting Broccoli took off like a champ! Followed up by DeCicco Broccoli. The Chef's Blend Cauliflower is doing excellent as well, but we are still very early in the season. The Fallstaff Brussels are doing marvelous too!

This is second year rhubarb from root stock. I think it likes it. Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/46b563

This is a Trillum 'Sweet Betsy' from Overhill Nursey, Vonore, TN. I bought this year. It's suppose to be red in the middle. hmmm.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/938800

Hopefully these are treasure boxes!
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/23c02c

Jacobs Ladder from Overhill Gardens, Vonore, TN.Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/cc3340
Wild Ginger from Overhill Gardens.
Thumb of 2015-04-10/pmb2005/922f2a

That's the walk thru the garden for now. Hope y'all are enjoying your beautiful April Showers!

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Learning as we go
Posted on Jan 22, 2015 12:47 PM

I made my own potting mix today out of necessity. I don't have Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix on hand but I do have this cheap stuff.
So here's what I did.

Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/18135e Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/f461f5 Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/fa09f2 Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/25313a
I took my potting mix, sifted out the "chunks" then added the perlite I had on hand. The last picture is the finished product. Hopefully it is good enough that I will get results from my pepper seeds.


This is the 94X70 plot I've tilled for our new garden this year.
Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/c7f6e1

Here is the baby broccoli growing so fast.
Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/6be712

Here are my dogs cuddling.
Thumb of 2015-01-22/pmb2005/92144c

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