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Small Garden
Posted on Aug 23, 2016 7:01 AM

Small garden design plans are many and you need to choose one from them to make a garden of your dreams. In populated localities, it is very difficult to get a household that will have substantial space.

Garden is probably one of the areas where the left out space from the building falls into. So the space for the garden reduces a lot. That is why small garden design ideas become very important. In this article, we shall discuss a few of the challenges of small garden design and how to overcome them.

The first challenge of small garden design is of course the space. Hidden paths and garden rooms are all well and can even be accommodated in small gardens but not always. So in the most cases, it will be advantageous if you are able to view your garden as one whole.

It becomes a lot easier to think of design when the garden is viewed as a composition and not divided into separate entities. The limited space however has other challenges too.

Another challenge of the limited space of small garden design is of selection. Limited space means less choice of plants and the things you can do with your garden. A small garden design is based on the process of selection.

You will not be able to grow all the plants you like or decorate your garden with all the things you wanted too. You have to prioritize and curb the inclination to plant on impulse. Thus being able to choose what you want the most is one of the ways to overcome this challenge.

Another thing that you cannot do in a small garden design is apply a lot of colors to the garden. It has to be simple and synchronized. Less is more. Cohesion is important in a small garden design.

Cool colors will help to give the garden an illusion of space which it is lacking. Also the lack of colors can be overcome with different textures in the garden. When you contrast the textures with the type of plants, you will get a flow in the garden which will be very harmonious
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The small vegetable or flower garden design can vary with your choice as well as imagination. You need to make a great plan for the vegetable garden design. Before choosing the plantations you need to consider all the details of the garden carefully. Space is the most important issue. It will be better if you do the first planning in a piece of paper.

Try to draw the design of the vegetable garden. This will help you when you do the field work. The next essential issues which need to be planned are the nutrition of the soil and pest control. To prevent pests the best way is to rotate a crop from one year to the other.

There are certain steps which can help you to design the vegetable garden. You also need to plan whether you want to plant few varieties or a large variety of vegetables. To make your small vegetable garden design attractive you need to collect information about the vegetables. You have to decide about the vegetables which you want to plant.

Once you have decided you need to do a good research on these vegetables. You have to find out the season in which the vegetables thrive. You even need to know the time which each vegetable will take to mature. This is the first step to create the small vegetable garden design. After this you need to arrange all the plants according to their height.

You need to place the taller plants at the north end of the garden. Then you need to place the medium sized plants in the middle. The shorter plants need to be placed in the front. By doing this you will ensure that each of the plants gets enough air and light. This is the second step to create a beautiful small vegetable garden design.

The third step is to stagger the plants at the right time. This will help the plants to grow fast. Other than these three steps you must also ensure that there is adequate amount of space between each plant. Each of the plants needs growing space.

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Gardening with plastic mulch
Posted on Jul 29, 2016 7:29 AM

Why use non-toxic plastic in your garden? This product is a revolutionary development in food production. With it you create a tropical climate in your own garden. You will harvest earlier and longer.

How it works

The black plastic blocks the weeds.
Condensation waters the garden.
The moist earth encourages the earth worms to aerate and irrigate the soil.
So the earth worms cultivate the garden and add fertilizer, the plastic warms the soil 10 to 15 degrees and that provides earlier and better germination, plus some frost protection. You will also harvest weeks earlier.

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How to prepare the garden for installation

Locate garden on well drained plot of ground.
Ground should be a reasonably level surface.
You can till the ground(for the last time) and fertilize it like you normally would.
You can also just install the plastic over a lawn area without preparation.
Place a layer of 10 mil non-toxic and uv protected black plastic over the desired garden area.
Dig a trench 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep all around the edge of the plastic on the rack.
Roll the edge of the plastic into the trench and cover this strip with dirt to hold the plastic in place.
Cut 2 ½ inch holes every 12 inches in a row.
Make the rows about 30 inches apart.
For row crops(carrots, beets, lettuce, etc.) cut a 4 inch strip from hole to hole, skipping a hole occasionally(to keep plastic in place)
Take a vacation with your puppies and come back to a great garden. Harvest and eat! Remember the only expense after the first year is seeds and starter plants. This system has been used for over 25 years.

New Gardening System

Easy care forever vegetable garden save time and energy.

No tilling
No weeding
No watering
No ground too poor
No ground too dry
Just plant and pick year after year
One time cost 20' x 100' 10 mil non-toxic black plastic

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Nut Trees:

Your first trouble in raising pecans, hickory nuts and walnuts is the worms that destroy the kernel. Ants raise aphids in the ground and carry them up the nut and fruit trees and place them in the nut and fruit where the nut or fruit is attached to the tree. There are many ways that you can keep the ants from taking these aphids and planting them in the nuts or fruits and the one that I use is Raid House and Garden Bug Killer. This does not have to be sprayed on the fruit. Just spray two rings on the trunk of the tree about one foot apart. You might call this a picket line because the ants will not cross it. Then when the squirrels start cutting on the nuts take heavy brown wrapping paper about four feet wide and wrap one layer or more abound the tree and leave it there until all of the nuts have been picked. Squirrels will take a run at this tree but can't get over the paper, they will fall off. A squirrel can't jump up more than a couple of feet, but if they are in one tree they can jump to a limb 20 feet below. Other paper might also work.

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