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Plants I keep inside or brought in for winter
Posted on Nov 3, 2018 12:14 PM

Editing Oct 27 2019 with summer and fall updates
African violet
Alocasia big-- did well, summer in big blue pot, bringing in again,
Amaryllis- 8 dry- --gave many away, some are in driveway garden
Angelonia cuttings-- did poorly, won't do again
Asclepias- tropical- cuttings-- survived, but seeds planted this spring got very big and bloomed and made pods
Canna- orange potted, red dry -- did well but
Christmas cactus- Betty's -- looks super after summer with orchids in basket
Clivia -2-- not much growth, gave one away
Begonia- mixed pot-- mixed results as always with my cane begonias
Brugmansia cuttings-3-- one by deck did great, one in front barely grew! so I potted it back up in Sept for inside
Coffee-- pruned some branches, wants to be wide
Coleus- 3-- made it to garden but did poorly in front, am not doing any inside this winter
Crinum -2 dry- did well, gave away many pups, still have one big and one young one in driveway garden
Black runner EE' and two root cuttings-- Big one rotted this summer in pot. Keeping one sprout and some tiny root tips
Yautia-- Leaves didn't get very big, will probably let it go
baby Eddo- hm, no idea what happened
Dracaena braunii- 2
Hoya-- doing well
Oxalis dry stored red and green-- need warmth to get going and sun to bloom, plant tubers thickly for good effect, gave some away
Ponytail palm-- grown well
Queens tears- 3-- split into more, gave some away, still have 3
Gartenmeister- didn't grow well over summer
Lantana Yellow -2- split, put by deck did well, two in garage oot didn't grow much, I kept forgetting they needed water
Mandevilla white-- did well
Wandering jew- 3-- grow amazingly once back out in sun
Graptopetaum pot plus babies- gave away babies
Orchid- 5 Ph, 3 Onc
Plumeria potted-- grew well in pot by deck but did not bloom
Geranium-2-- must have died
Palm with oxalis-- good
Pentas cutting-- died
Polianthes dry-- some pots, some driveway garden, good enough bloom
Jade- ok
PseudoRhipsalis-- gave away
String of hearts-- gave away
Sansevieria Moonshine and others- 6
Succulents- Kalanchoe luci, small ones in green, spiky one-- Deck not good for them anymore so gave some away, maybe kept small cuttings

L D Warneckii with spider and begonia SC --doing ok
L Begonia Sophie Cecile-- ? gave away?
L Pothos-3-- small ones struggled for ? gave away
L Aglaonema- green, mixed, red siam
L B Corallina-- ok
L Spathiphyllum two -- ok
L mixed planter --doing well

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orchid care notes
Posted on Oct 21, 2016 4:43 PM

Maypop " They should be coming in at night if the temps are dropping below fifty but can still enjoy the nice days. Bright outdoor light will make for better blooms even if you can't get them out every day. Oncidium and Dendrobiums can take full fall sun if they are used to bright summer light. Phals like very bright, indirect light or several hours of early morning sun. If you bring plants in be sure to put them someplace cool at night so they have the temperature swing they need. Fertilize with an orchid fertilizer weekly to encourage bloom set and allow all three of these orchid species to almost dry between watering during this cooler period. Always water the plant first and then fertilize to prevent burning roots."

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