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Spring Is Here!
Posted on May 24, 2014 4:47 PM

After what seemed to be a very long winter for everyone.. We finally have flowers blooming. YAY!

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Keeping Up Hope
Posted on Apr 10, 2014 3:58 PM

Seems as if Spring has finally sprung up here in the cold North.  Winter sure was a long one.  A harsh reality is setting in for me.. This will be the first year I've had to rely on outside help for everything.  Which is no easy task in itself.. finding a reliable person that doesn't consider everything a weed.  

I'd like to share with you this.. and not for sympathy purposes am I sharing, but because I pray that none of my friends will ever experience this and perhaps it will get you to check things out in your own direction.  

Not too many know but last Oct. I was in a very bad vehicle accident with all 5 of my children.  Now I have always considered myself a very safe driver having done quite a bit of travel in the last 20 years across the states... but nothing of all the defensive driving could save/prepare me for it.  I had a young gal 24 yrs old that waited unitl I was right upon her to pull out in front of me as I was going down a highway at 68 mph. In the oncoming lane was a semi (tractor-trailer) with a long line of cars behind him.  It was harvest time.  I can only imagine that she was trying to outrun him & underestimated where I was.  I couldn't swerve.. heck I was too close to even slow down.  

If there ever was a time that I believed in God & his glorious Angels... this was it!  I hit her little car in the front panel area with the left tire and where it meets up with the left door.  Her car swung around and hit on the passenger side of my van.  Miraculously no one died.  All of my children sustained injuries.. thank heavens none life threatening.. although at the time we were'nt sure.  I had a broken hip, busted femur in 2 spots, 5 broken ribs & a concussion.  She as well as her passenger lived and came out with minor injuries.  

Several things I learned from this whole mess are #1 treasure your family & friends.  NEVER leave things on bad terms with anyone.  

#2 Check your insurance policy over & if it takes having someone to explain it to you thoroughly PLEASE take the time to get someone to do it.  This gal that pulled out in front of me was at fault for the accident.  However, she had the lowest liability coverage a person could get up here.  Her cap coverage per accident would barely cover my first surgery... leaving the rest of the bills up in the air uncovered.  Thanking God again & my husband for having good sense.. our coverage will eventually foot these bills.  South Dakota is a state where you can not rely on both companies, it's either one or the other.  I'd never known any of this before.  No one had ever explained it.  Our bills for this accident are now close to $125,000... and we are no where near being done with surgeries.  I went through another surgery for my femur about 4 weeks ago as it has not healed.  If this one doesn't work then I'll have another with them replacing the rod & pins with a bigger rod & have bone grafting done.  My 2nd child will have another surgery to remove the plates and pins in her arm either this fall or in January of next year.  

This has certainly been a struggle.. but slow and sure small improvements have kept me going.  I'll be turning 36 tomorrow. While I may get very angry with myself for not being able to get down on the floor/ground.. and not being able to walk without a walker, I am still very happy.  Happy to just be alive & to be able to watch my baby turn one on the 22nd of this month, to go to my oldest son's first prom on the 26th... have my 2nd oldest go through drivers ed this summer.. and my other 2 children happy to run them all over God's creation visiting parks & zoo's.

May God Bless You as he has certainly blessed me.. not only today, but for every day!

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Blossoms of 2013
Posted on May 25, 2013 4:17 PM


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Posted on Feb 10, 2013 3:15 PM


Today's blizzard... I can't wait for Spring to get here.  


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Harvest is Great!
Posted on Sep 14, 2012 11:27 PM

Going for a ride to pick pumpkins and other squash.. oh what fun we will have!


Things went better than expected and we already have the trailer full so must go to unload it.  Dad tries to not hit too many bumps.. lol  but some can't be avoided. 


HANG ON  TIGHT... that's the key!  After two loads look what all is there!


 Contents of the bounty


We were able to get everything situated and 17 families including our own and the local VFW will benefit from this years crop.  All in All not bad.  Some things were picked at an earlier stage, but I'll just cut up, cook, and make a soup.  


Time to start wrapping things up.. and getting the dirt worked for next year.

 This years squash bugs were horrid, worse than any other year we've experienced.  I'm glad we planted our seeds early enough for the plants to get a head start, otherwise I fear this would have not been such a good turnout.  

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