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The Rise of Azalealand | 2/1/2023
Posted on Feb 1, 2023 8:54 AM

I potted up, oh, 20-25 Azalea I had been growing for bonsai. I set them in a garden bed, along with 3 bleeding heart plants. I'll have to see how it goes! Short update. Not much to say, it snowed.

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Tillandsia Craze | 1/22/2023
Posted on Jan 22, 2023 10:50 AM

Happy Chinese New Year! Hurray!

Ok, I have a new problem, Tillandsia. I recently found a few very cheap Tillandsia shops and I don't think I can stop myself from recollecting Tillandsia.

It's still very cold outside but I managed to go outside to garden. The moss garden is looking great. Not sure about the other perennials.

Indoors, everything is doing great. I have a lot of double lavender and white butterfly peas growing up.
It's been a few weeks since I went shopping, I want to go take a look at the prices for airplants at Merrifield Whistling . If it's above the price of $3 per plant, I might just order online. My favorites are the clumping/lumping, tiny miniatures, and STACKING Tillandsia.


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Sedumzz's Monthly Music Thingy 1 | Was-supposed-to-be December 2022
Posted on Jan 8, 2023 5:29 PM

Ah, I forgot to post this.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite music from each month. First installment. They aren't in a particular order, just my favorite few music pieces/songs I wanted to share. I think 4 pieces for each month. This month 2 because I never ended up finishing it.

December 2022:
Non-lyrical pieces - 2

1) An American In Paris by Gershwin -
Another pretty common piece, this one for symphonic orchestra (I think). I mean, it's a good piece, nice jazzy parts in the middle. But.... my favorite part? The beginning. About a minute in, the camera zooms in on...... some little honky-things. I ADORE the honks. It's such as cute sound, and the "honk honk honk" gets me EVERY time. I love it SO much. Lovey dubby

2) In the Forest of the King by Pierre La Plante -
Another piece for concert band. Three movements, in the fast-slow-fast form of 3 movements. They are variations on French folk songs. It's a pleasant piece to listen to. My favorite is definitely King Dagobert; the 6/8 really makes it vibrant and bouncy.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog

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Fern-moss-liverwort heaven, but ID hell.... | 1/3/2023
Posted on Jan 3, 2023 7:30 AM

Please comment if you have an idea of what something could be.
I saw very many ferns and mosses but sadly I can't find an easy way to ID them, iNaturalist's moss identification in Costa Rica sucks, it always tries saying it's Elaphoglossum peltatum. So I dump the images here. If you know what they are, please let me know. Some might be leafy liverworts or other stuff.

--MOSSES (with liverworts mixed in)--
PARSOLVED - Pterobryaceae? -
UNSOLVED - Interesting ferny one (Leafy liverwort or filmy fern?) -
UNSOLVED - Leafy liverwort? -
PARSOLVED - Calymperaceae? -
PARSOLVED - Calymperaceae? -
UNSOLVED - Fluffy wuffy moss -
UNSOLVED - More fluffy moss -
UNSOLVED - Very interesting moss -
UNSOLVED - Hanging "moss"? Leafy liverwort? I don't know -
UNSOLVED - Finely divided moss -
UNSOLVED - Resembles Selaginella but also I'm not sure -
UNSOLVED - A nice ferny moss -
PAR-SOLVED - iNaturalist thinks this might be pipe cleaner moss but it's probably wrong -
UNSOLVED - Hanging moss -
UNSOLVED - Very compact leafy liverwort? Pretty sure sporophytes are from the 100% moss above -
PAR-SOLVED - Again, iNat might be wrong -
PAR-SOLVED - iNat might be wrong -
PAR-SOLVED - iNat might be wrong -
PAR-SOLVED - iNat might be wrong -
UNSOLVED - Lump of moss -
UNSOLVED - Thin moss -
UNSOLVED - Very black and white moss -
UNSOLVED - Long brown moss on tree -
UNSOLVED - Black moss -

UNSOLVED - A banger! Very pretty -
UNSOLVED - Tiny fans -
UNSOLVED - Same stuff? -
PAR-SOLVED - Marchantia emarginata? -
PAR-SOLVED - Cute? iNat might be wrong though -
UNSOLVED - Wow, black liverwort. I don't think this is a leafy liverwort Hilarious! -
UNSOLVED - Branchy one -

--FERNS (with leafy liverworts mixed in)--
PAR-SOLVED - A fern fern -
PAR-SOLVED - Fern fern -
PAR-SOLVED - Fern fern -
PAR-SOLVED - Fern fern (A. andicola?) -
UNSOLVED - Fern? -
UNSOLVED - Filmy fern, very cute -
SOLVED - FLUFFY FERN! MY FAVORITE! Lovey dubby Usually only grows on tree fern trunks - !!!! Polyphlebium capillaceum
UNSOLVED - Small fern -
PAR-SOLVED - Nicely divided Asplenium? -
PAR-SOLVED - More of it -
PAR-SOLVED - Beautiful filmy fern. Very big. -
PAR-SOLVED - More of it -
PAR-SOLVED - Andicola? -
SOLVED - More fluffy fern - !!!! Polyphlebium capillaceum?

I'll get to uploading more later

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An entire plant (outside) goes missing & my mini pomegranate tree... and new years resolution | 12/31/2022
Posted on Dec 31, 2022 6:31 PM

Happy Near Years! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

An entire plant (outside) goes missing:
While I was gone, a large plant of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus SuperTrouperâ„¢ Scarlet) , which was transplanted a month or so ago, went completely missing. There were no leaves, stems, or anything left behind. At the time of dissapearance, it was about double this size:

I have two theories:
1) The strong winds we got blew it away.
This is a very likely reason of dissapearance. We got very very strong wind which even blew away some of my 4 inch potted plants across the garden bed. The root mass of the Dianthus was not large, so this was likely. We have dense clay soil, so plants can take a bit to really get held down into the soil. The hole left behind was "not-clean", so it didn't seem to be dug up or ripped out. Oh, and it was pretty ugly. Half the leaves were dead and brown, no blooms at all.
2) It was stolen
I don't think this is the case. I mean, I have like 50 alpines outside that look 10 times better and are smaller and easier to steal... Don't steal my plants Glare (I know you won't though, probably *Blush* Thumbs up )

My mini pomegranate tree:
Originally like this:

I didn't take more full-plant photos afterwards. Anyways, it got spider mites, I had to move it outside, and it perfectly missed rain where it was. So, it really got hit hard. But, I did a deep watering and it came back to life. Now, in winter, it had a bad time drying out again, because the soil is all funky. It was almost naked, very sad looking. I repotted it with better soil, gave it a good water, and now it has like 20 baby shoots! Hurray! Hurray! Now I love it even more Lovey dubby

New Years Resolution? Make my collection "better". Improve pots, make care more easy and enjoyable, and switch out houseplants I don't really like with ones that I love.

Happy New Year,


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