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Sempland Reno Part 1 | 8/28/2022
Posted on Aug 28, 2022 11:15 AM

Here is my first update on the Sempland renovation.
Currently I have two and a half sections done. Each section needs to be raised in order to fit the height of the retaining wall.
The first to be finished was pastel-ville, which is composed of NoID purples and lavenders from Webesemps (Thanks!) and Lilac time. Pacific Lassie is one of the last pastels to be included, it's on the edge of pastel-ville and near the blob of Phedimus kam, haven't raised that part yet. This area also have bits of neon Sedum and fuzzy/webby semps. This includes cilosium and some other webby ones. Also included Phedimus spurius tricolor.

The second part to be finished is green-ville, which is mainly composed of green semps. These include Pluto, Gamma, Waldalina, and a bunch more that I can't remember right now. It also includes Hylo sieboldii in the back, which won't have other plants next to it. I also plan to move a lot of green NoID's into this area, and Delo nubigem. Currently, the only non-green in Pacific Devil's Food, which I put in there for contrast (It is next to pastel-ville, next to Phed tricolor, which is a nice transition). It will be fun to see if there are any fun color changes in the winter. I also included 3 species of rollers. All three green, one of them has small red tips. I am going to raise the Sedum ternatum lane, which will hopefully explode with flowers soon.

The last partially finished part of todays work is lump-land, which is composed of lumpy colonies. Includes Orostachys Keiko, Orostachys malacophylla, Sedum tokyo sun, and will include lemon babies, Red Pluche. Going to add Artemisia tiny green to it.

**Both lump-land and green-ville are adjacent to the large Artemisia. I have not planted anything next to the Artemisia, because it spreads a lot.

Hylo-Highway has not been started yet, but this is because I haven't gotten to it yet. Going to start work on Hylo-Highway later today. It'll consiste of the largest Hylos, with the tall ones in the center (Adjacent to the pomegranate) and shorter ones to the side. This will hopefully halt the constant munching of the deer. Maybe we'll get some blooms next year!

Other areas I plan to make will be Fuzz-ville, and red-ville. I will be using my large colonies of Sedum lineare and similar Sedum to transition to the more "regular" flower bed in the back. Ai.

Anyways, it's WAY too hot to work outside right now. After just an hour of being outside I'm convered in sweat. Maybe once the sun goes down I'll continue. I will also be taking the hose out and water some of the plantings later.

Anyways, that's it for now. :-)

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Sempland needs to be re-done
Posted on Aug 22, 2022 4:51 PM

As you might know, sempland is my big sempervivum and alpine plant garden bed. It is in the shape of a giant circle, with two pomegranates in the center. I need to pave the edge and raise it.
Due to some complications, I'll have to raise the center first with soil, and then do the edges afterwards.
First step is either:
Raise the pomegranates
Raise the ring of plants

I'll probably do the latter first because it's easier and physically less taxing.
Starting this project next weekend.

This bed has been in function for a month or so (???) and I have learned a lot about its microclimates. I'll adjust some plant positions. I'm also going to keep some of the more aggressive plants to the back of the garden, where they can spread around.

Not much right now, I'll post or update later.

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After two years. I've done it. I've found it. I can now throw it away from my memory.
Posted on Aug 14, 2022 8:36 PM

2 year ago... I was looking at alpine plants.
I read the name
Amelanchier alnifolia.
The moment I read it, this word was ENGRAINED in my head.
I could not forget it!
I have found it IRL.
Finally I think i can throw away this scientific name from my memory? Hm.

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Abscence (Foreshadowing)
Posted on Jul 31, 2022 8:58 PM

Well, if I am absent for most of the day (Like I was today), don't worry.

It's likely that I will have another wave of photos. Probably hiking.

Buh bye for now

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Stagnant Summer | 7/25/2022
Posted on Jul 25, 2022 6:33 AM

There is so much going, there is so little to do. There's not much trimming or pruning. I've been holding off deadheading the Shasta daisies for no reason.

I have been working on a few flower beds

I'm going somewhere fun soon, I'm sure y'all will notice when I start uploading 80 images a day Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing . Apparently, as of yesterday (???), I average 17 photos a day, but this is including the fact that I can take staggering amounts of photos in just 1 trip to a BG.

One fun thing is a NEW species of carnivorous plant! Triantha occidentalis.

This is a really short blog because I don't have much to write about anyways


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