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Stuff (Misc) - 5/10/2022
Posted on May 10, 2022 11:28 AM

Sorry, it's the test-cramming time so I forgot about blogs *Blush*

Not much is going on, everything is going pretty well in the garden. I'm propagating a buncha stuff. There's really not much now that I think of it. YET!!!!
I had new moss (Atrichum altecristatum and Rhodobryum ontariense) that I really love come in, need to pot those up. R. ontariense is going in small to grow, but need to get good soil first, which will take time. Atrichum altecristatum is also going into a terrarium and half will be going into a pot to add to the patio moss plantation (PMP).

Otherwise the weather has been quite rainy -- perhaps why I think not much is going on.

This week I should recieve an order from MCG -- Deutercohnia brevifolia, a long-time wanted plant, and a tray of semps! Exciting! The tray in that set of semps will be used to hold out the moss rocks, old moss rock tray will be used for moss.

Yea there's not much I can write about anyways, maybe I'll write another one today or on Thursday if I remember, or feel like it.

Photo of Max:

Thumb of 2022-05-10/sedumzz/8ae475

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Think before you plant: Liriope Big Blue !!!! :() | 4/21/2022
Posted on Apr 21, 2022 3:34 PM

Today a friend and I worked our butts off removing 2 clumps of Liriope Big Blue.

This plant was originally planted 1 (or 2) years ago (I forgot), by the landscaper-person who helped design it. They insisted on planting this, so I just let that slip by Glare (One of my many past mistakes in gardening).

Since then it's rampantly sprouted obnoxious runners and sent up many, MANY, baby plantlets. 20+ a year! Long runners annoying to remove. Only interseting things are the blue flowers.

So, today I've decided to remove them. I will add photos of the aftermath soon.
Here are the photos:
Thumb of 2022-04-22/sedumzz/faab50

Thumb of 2022-04-22/sedumzz/78942d

Thumb of 2022-04-22/sedumzz/e8aa79

The roots were matted, and the main colony was a solid clump of plant material. Maybe just because we are very weak, but it was a PAIN to remove. Lots of hoeing and shoveling and angry murmuring. Grumbling Finally, we got 2 out. I removed the offsets on 1. This one is at the top of the bed and is prime space.... of a Bearded Iris!!! Wooh!!!! Second one still has offsets on it, but is mostly full, with moutain mint and nice daylilies next to it. I might put something new there later.

Also, a new mystery has arisen. The mystery of the Viola seedlings. A couple hundred viola seedlings have popped up in the bed... and I don't know why! The violas haven't even bloomed last year!?!? Not sure what to think about that.

Thumb of 2022-04-22/sedumzz/504eae

Lastly, I'm going to be germinating sarracenia purpurea soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Plant Updates!!!! | 4/10/2022
Posted on Apr 10, 2022 9:53 AM

I'm back Hurray!
Good wifi, plant check-ins! Yay!
My photos are still being sorted through -- Almost done with the San Antonio BG photos, still have a bunch of ones from there I need to verify or ID. After that, I have photos from the Zilker Science & Nature center, and Zilker BG.... so much!!

Houuseplants are doing ok in the week that I was away. Most of them are fine -- begonias rooted! Only a few suffered, ipoemoea sloteri, oxalis vulcanicoloa bicolor drosera capensis..... but, I'm nursing them back to health!

Outdoor plants are doing just fine -- growing super pfast now! Double tulips are starting to open. My purple themed crevice garden is progressing, moss is spreading! Hurray!

More updates and photos to come soon.

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Update, And Photo Tsunami | 4/4/2022
Posted on Apr 4, 2022 11:00 AM

Ok so if you haven't noticed my time on threads and posting and stuff has decreased in like the past 2 days. This will continue to happen for 5 or a week or so. So sorry if I haven't responded to many threads. The following was copypasted from Chow Time 2022.:

I think I followed too many threads... So much to catch up on. I won't be catching up on them for a a few days cuz I'm so busy processing photos!
750~ just this morning!!! nodding
Am I a bit of a crazy plant photographer!?

This was the result of me going to a botanical garden.
When I go to a botanical garden, a switch in my brain turns on and I go crazy... taking photos... smelling flowers... thinking about what I should eat later...

I must look insane when I visited botanical gardens and other gardens Rolling my eyes. Rolling on the floor laughing

I have many photos... and some Agave ID'ing to do. Super exciting! Hurray! . More photos to come.

I also have many photos of buildings, animals, and other fun things I plan to post on my website on a specific section. Those wouldn't fit in with but I suppose putting them there wouldn't hurt.

Thanks for reading,

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Daylily craze, Bumblebee Jumpscares, and more blooms | 3/31/2022
Posted on Mar 31, 2022 7:13 PM

I may or may not be getting into daylilies!
"It was going to happen anyways, you had one"
Well, thank you to Diggerofdirt , I have some daylilies to start with. I planted them Hurray! . I cannot wait for them to grow more. Wether not they bloom this year or not it will be fun Grin . I might look into getting more.... I still have space.

Ok so today I was checking the mail when.... Bzzz!!! A bumblebee flies OUT of the mailbox! OUT of it!!!! Apparently bumblebees LIVE in the mailbox pole!! What!?!? Ok, so apparently they live there. I guess, If I was a bumblebee, I'd live there too. Nice post, surrounded by clematis for protection, and lots of flowers in the garden.

There is a lot of blooms right now.
That's it, thanks for reading.

Oh, and we had a tornado warning like 10 minutes ago.

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