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5/21/2021 - "Endless" Weeding, Drought, A Mysterious Mystery, and Max Update.
Posted on May 21, 2021 7:11 AM

It has been a week or so since I last checked on the garden, thus the delay of this post.

["Endless" Weeding]
The maple tree of our maple has provided light shade for part of the sedum/sempervivum bed, which is enjoyed by the forest sedums. The problem is, thousands of seeds, fall down EVERYWHERE. 80% Of them have sprouted. The side bed, semp/sedum bed, mini-rain garden, forest bed.... ARGH!!! It's SO annoying!! I am only done weeding some areas of the semp/sedum bed. The mini rain garden has been weeded out, but the side bed and forest/bush bed? At least 500 sprouts. Ugh.

We have been havin short droughts. This drought has been quite impactful on the windowboxes as they have lots of drainage, and it is very hard to water them. I hope I do not loose the colony of phlox up there. I do have all the varieties also on a path below, and they are happy. Most of the plants are okay. The blue conoclinum is a bit droopy. I will be watering it soon.

[A Mysterious Mystery]
I went outside yesterday and I went to check on the front island. There is a large hole in the center of the shastas, and has been squashed. Well, they had to be divided anyways so I may as well do that later.

[Max Update]
Max's health has improved, and his stomach problems seem to have subsided. He is gaining back weight, which is good. Max likes running around the yard and has really been doing the job of keeping squirrels away well. Well, most of the time he is able to scare them away. He LOVES playing with his frisbee and tennis ball. We have a large slope and he likes to run up and down on it. Here's a Max photo for your enjoyment:

Thumb of 2021-05-21/sedumzz/4163db

This was from a month ago or so.


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4/12/2021 - Perrenial Suprises, Winter Losses, Max Hair Natural Fur Dye, and Yearly Big Spring Haul
Posted on Apr 12, 2021 7:25 PM


Spring is finally here, and some dormant perrenials have popped up! I have two stands of pink veronica on the side bed and I did not expect them to come back, after they died back abruptly in summer (is that supposed to happen!?!) I thought one had died but I do see small buds. I have 5 stands of cannas, which I did not think would survive the winter, but at least one has currently resprouted.

During the winter some plants have died due to a early spring drought and moving things etc. The squirrels dug up ALL of the saffron crocuses and have left them half-chewed and left on the driveway. The wooly thyme and a small ornamental oregano plant have died due to drought.

A few days ago I went to Home Depot and Merrifield and got some new plants to finish up some projects (Butterfly bed, xeriscape bed, cottage bed, front bed, bush bed, shady island, semp bed, hanging planters, backyard bed) and here is a list of what I got (I was two dollars short to get some iris rhizomes ):

A columbine with purple flowers
Another Hosta! :)
Heuchera purple-something
Ajuga Burgundy Glow (Seems to have been reverted, as you can see, I love ajugas now!!!! There's a $4.00 golden one in Merrifield I am going to buy with an iris.)
Perrenial poppy
Daylily yellow-something (the really common everywhere daylily, at least!)
Bletilla p. 'Big Bob'
Lily 'Tiny Shadow'
Little Leo lion's bane
3 Violas
Another carnation

I also divided a lot of crocus seedlings and older clumps and thinned out the Shasta daisies.
I am currently out of space other than one pot (which I have reserved for the iris) and 3 windowbox spots.

Max went outside to play around while I pruned, divided, and pampered the plants. After a few minutes of weeding I turned around to see max's face covered in yellow pollen and it was stained yellow for some time. He basically spent the WHOLE time smelling and licking double tulips. after further inspection there were stamens and pollen stick things stuck to his fur too.

Here's a photo of part of the semp bed, I am going to add grit topdressing soon:

Thumb of 2021-04-13/sedumzz/dae63d

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4/9/2021 - FIRST LOUD THUNDERSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!
Posted on Apr 9, 2021 2:22 PM

The first 2021 lightning and thunder thunderstorm! Outside there are all sorts of big noises (I don't know how to describe it otherwise) and it is so exhilerating! It feels like it's been a year since one of these...

I also potted up nasturtium seedlings and some zinnias and morning glories.

Thumb of 2021-04-09/sedumzz/e7570e

Thumb of 2021-04-09/sedumzz/d7ccb8

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4/6/2021 - Spring Sowing
Posted on Apr 6, 2021 7:40 PM

Today I organized the greenhouse - mainly full of seedlings! This year I am mainly growing annuals, along with some perennial wildflowers and Sempervivum. I am currently growing:

Zinnia - Hybrids made from last year - Most have one or no sets of true leaves

Phoenix Nasturtiums - Around 10 have sprouted out of the 15 or so seeds. They are fun to look at.

Scarlet O' Hara Morning Glory - I planted around 20 of them. Almost all of them have sprouted, I even spotted a variegated one!

Basil mix - I have around 5 tiny seedlings with no true leaves yet.

Passionfruit - I have 4 seedlings with one or two true leaves.

Sweet Peas - Mix of Sweet Dreams and Gigantea. I have around 8 sprouted, in various sizes.

I also have a few perennials:

Sempervivum - This is my first time trying to grow them from seed, and I started them two months ago. They are at reasonable size and I recently rowed them out.

Wildflowers - I found multiple packs of perennial wildflower seeds and many of them have sprouted.

I can't wait to see how these fare.

- Sedumzz

I've decided to add more pictures here (they load Much much faster and can copy and paste over!):
Blog thingy 2: https://sedumzz-garden-adventu...

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New Mini Blog Thingy-ma-jiggy
Posted on Apr 6, 2021 3:10 PM


I think I will post there from now on

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