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Update | 11/29/2022
Posted on Nov 29, 2022 6:54 AM

It's been quite a while! I've been very busy so I haven't gotten the time to write a blog.

We got our first hard frosts, I lost my variegated agave to that Crying . I think there are a couple pups left.

We've been getting unusually warm weather after unusually cold weather. UGH!? Ok I'm not complaining, I love the slightly cool weather. So many leaves from the siberian elms on the alpine rock garden -- Not looking forward to weeding it in the spring. Oh, and the alpine crocus are sprouting Sighing! I hope they survive.

Indoors, my succulents are doing great! Other plants as well.

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Very short blog | 11/14/2022
Posted on Nov 14, 2022 7:07 AM

I'm really busy, but I've been reading about Iris genetics and it's very fun.
See, I warned you it would be a "very short blog".

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Fall is coming fast, and well, I'm still behind. Oh gosh. | 9/23/2022
Posted on Sep 23, 2022 7:45 PM

Well, Fall is definitely coming. It's coming VERY fast. Today had a significant drop in temps. This morning, half of my Catharanthus seedlings (Some of which have this odd purple and white center. Was planning on hybridizing with them... but too late!) got cold damage. All droopy and mushy... Not really sure how. I guess it might've been the microclimate there.

I have moved, uh, like, a third of my tender succies indoors. Well, it's not much, but it's honest work Rolling on the floor laughing ! I still have other tender plants that aren't succulents to move in. Gotta get the space problems sorted out! 1/2 of the succulents will go on the windowsill. 1/6 of them, the special ones or needy ones will go under the grow light, snuggled with my carnivorous plants. The rest go into the sun room.

On the topic of Carnivorous plants, I'm in an extreme emergency situation with them. I'm out of pure water. Oh no. Crying . OH! I just remembered Utricularia livida is blooming en masse! Except there is a mold problem. Sighing! Sighing! Sighing! Sighing! Sighing! . nepenthes put out a pitcher, I need to put the Sarracenia outside for the winter. Drosera capensis is blooming. And the pygmy sundews are making GEMMAE!!!!! WOOH!!!! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! . Drosera adelae is doing good, and Drosera madagascarensis is also doing well.

I got some fancy ceramic pots gifted to me, they are very beautiful. They are white and blue, like those china teacups. (How does the work 'china' work in ceramics? Do I capitalize it? I'm confused.) Today I put my Bean Bean Plant and my Pilea peperoni in two different ones. Adorable.

On the topic of moving things indoors, I am running out of space dangerously fast. Like uh, really really fast. Fast. A ticking time bomb. My wave of AV babies need up-potting. Up-potting -> Larger pots -> Cannot fit in jars for wicking -> Need tray -> Need to visit IKEA for that one tray -> Not going to happen soon -> Uh oh. Anyways, yea, that's a problem. But, Ma's Debutante is putting out its first bloom! A gift from a friend from a leaf, is going to bloom Whistling . Exciting.

Now that I am in the topic of Gessies, let's talk Streptocarpus. My Vampire's Kiss is putting out lot of flowers. I also fixed the chlorosis from nitrogen deficiency. Nitrogen deficiency is a big problem with my gessies. Need to get the repotted soon. On the other hand, Codotanthe Vista has rooted very quickly. A cute one. Almost looks like a Peperomia. I think it'd look lovely in a mixed Pep pot. Aeschynanthus Rasta is blooming instead of rooting. For some reason the tubes are not sending out flowers, only the boring maroon covering. Photos to come. Aeschynanthus Thai Pink is putting out new growth, need to get it potted. Prim Summer Song needs to be repotted. AV Optimara Juliet (or something like that) is reblooming! My first large AV to survive long. I figured it out, I need to repot every new african violet I get into my gritty mix.

Now let's move on to outdoor plants. Fall is coming, so a lot of stuff is starting to go away. Goldenrods are about to burst, but the garden is overwhelmingingly underwhelming. I'm not sure if you understand. It's very bland. I think the mistake here was not deadheading the Coreopsis -- which caused them to stop blooming. I'll also need to get some Mums next year, or maybe on clearance if I'm lucky. I want the purple ones. Those are so pretty. I have red, orange, yellow, and white already. I also really want Anemone blanda. Those were very prominent in my childhood. Sometimes people would weed them out thinking they were weeds. They do kind of look like Mugwort to someone who is not familiar with plants.

Anyways, the Osmathus fragrans is going off, and it smells sooooƶ good. Fragrant, definitely! Camellias have flower buds as well. We also have random squash/pumpkins growing, and we have these "goose neck" ones. Beautyberry put out lots of seedlings and is very purple.

Moving on to the Alpine plants. Armeria Dusseldorf is amazing, such a cute spiky clump. After replanting, most of the stuff is doing ok. A lot of semps have succumbed to rot or drought. The hot weather was just too much for them. A few sinkholes. And this TERRIBLE Lobelia chinensis is just popping up EVERYWHERE! What a mistake to plant it there! My semp seedlings are going well. And, my Sempervivum arach minor is also doing well. A cutie!

My daylilies (Yes daylily lovers, you heard it, I am giving a daylily update. Yes, I am into daylilies. Mhmm.) are doing good. They are very cute grass foliage, and haven't browned yet. I am excited to see what happens next year! The fans (Yes, I know this terminology. I'm probably going to forget or butcher all the terms though) have gotten bigger (I think). Stella de Oro is making a big clump. Very cute. Maybe I'll divide it next year? Not sure how that works. I'm probably not going to end up doing it.

Ok, now I'm very tired and I have lost the will to continue writing this blog (Could you see the shorter paragraphs as I go? I am running out of ideas). I'm out of stuff to write and I have other work to do. Anyways, good bye for now :-)
Max photos to come soon!

The gardener who is running out of space indoors,

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Summer is over, fall is coming | 9/18/2022
Posted on Sep 18, 2022 8:34 AM

Well, summer is definitely over. The temps are dropping greatly. I've been very busy lately so I haven't had the time to care for any houseplants. Sighing!
Half of my maidenhair fern babies died (as expected). I think I'm having a gray mold issue with my Utricularia livida teacup. Oh well.

A Gupdate (gesneriad update):
My gessies have been doing pretty good. I haven't watered them in a while so a bunch of them are wilted/pouting. My tray of leaf propagations are getting too big, so I'll need to pot them up soon. Not enough space though!

I did order new grow lights, but they still haven't come yet, so most of my tender succulents are still outside. Most of them are doing ok, but a few of them are still pouting. I should bring in the Monanthes polyphylla before it gets damaged.

Anyways, I'll probably write a better update later.

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First Frost... Summer Reflection | 9/9/2022
Posted on Sep 9, 2022 6:06 AM

It has been a while since I've written a blog...
Anyways, we had our first frost today. And, I didn't bring the succulents indoors, because I wasn't expecting it. So. Big mistake. I'll start bringing them in ASAP!!! Tender ones first, hardier ones last. Temps haven't reached freezing just yet, but it is getting cold. This cold + wetness is causing some rot Sad . Some of my favorite Echeveria are rotting now. I am not good with Echeveria. I also up-potted a few of my other houseplants and will be moving them indoors soon. This winter my main goal will be to not neglect half of them.

Sempland has still not finished renovation. I compacted my collection so it looks better, but this leaves 2/3 of the bed open. I have planted 2 red agastache, a baby lamb's ear, a lavender, a red hot poker, and moved a catmint to the left side. I'm not going to move the Ajuga Choco Chip or the Phedimus in the back of the bed.

Not much else going on. I'm redoing the side bed.


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