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Spring Is Almost Over ~ Happy Memorial Day
Posted on May 28, 2022 7:48 AM

We had real spring weather this year. What I mean by that is we have had so many cool mornings before the very hot afternoons and evenings. It has been very pleasant walking until a week ago. The humidity has set in and it's so thick you can cut it with a knife.

I have worked out in the yard and garden every day for 2 weeks and feel I've made considerable progress. Yes, it has been exhausting and I'm beginning to feel my age more and more, plus I've had the high UV rays to bog my brain. Anyhow, I am determined to get my garden beds in order this year. I have put down mulch, bought new plants, moved plants, propagated plants, laid a new paver walkway, changed the edging of the patio garden, ripped out invasive plants by the 5-gallon bucketful's, trimmed trees, bushes, and vines, and planted most of my container seedlings into the garden.

The rabbits ate one of my Morning Glory vines. It upset me to no end because I had just made a teepee with 3 MG's inside and the rabbit ate it the very next morning. Well, I had to come up with a solution to keep him out of there. I put some of the little wire fencing around the teepee and then I used plastic wrap that you get at Lowe's to keep your car clean when you buy plants. I tied that on really good at the bottom of the fencing and teepee. It is snug! No MG's were eaten when I checked it this morning. I just need to protect them until they get big enough that the young tender plants won't be so appetizing to Mr. Rabbit.

Plants that I have moved: 2 Fountain Grasses, 1 Butterfly Bush, 3 bunches of Tradescantia, 3 Morning Glory's, Sweet Alyssum, and countless baby Fountain grass seedlings. Oh, and the rabbits ate 3 of my Nandina bushes that were pretty big. I hope they come back out.

The hardest thing for me is resetting the pavers and I had plenty of them to move. I had to dig out the grass somewhat because I widened out the Patio Garden area. It looks better and now there is no backdoor area for the rabbits to hop through. Yes, I know they can hop over those little pavers, but I hope this will deter them for a spell so that I can get things growing, (Morning Glories) up the trellis. I do not have enough little fencing and such to protect everything. &^%$#@. Take that you rabbits.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

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Garden Tidy ~ Live Oak Roots
Posted on May 24, 2022 12:00 PM

The morning started out hot at the crack of dawn. 70 degrees. When I came back from my long walk I went straight to the garden that I made for my neighbor. I had to do a good tidy up because the Pink Baby's Breath has run it's course and I gathered it in for seed yesterday. There were lots of weeds and some St. Augustine grass plugs. I saved those and planted some in the front yard, but I have more soaking in water and will put them in the backyard tomorrow. I am trying to get some grass established where the bare spots are located.

I have written before about the Live Oak roots under the Live Oak tree in the back. It is right outside our Lanai and offers good shade in the morning, but those roots that spring up all over the yard are the bane of my existence. I got the spade, the rake, & the pruners and 2 five gallon buckets later I feel as if it's passable. I put in some pavers to walk on and I have Four O' Clocks soaking in water to put alongside those pavers tomorrow morning.

I'm totally exhausted. I did not get all that I wanted accomplished today, but it will just have to wait. I sunburned my head yesterday and I cannot let that happen again. Dangerous UV rays.

I got even more Kalanchoe plantlets up today. They were under the row of shrubs in the front of the house.

The African Iris did not perform this year. I think it was the hot & cold too close together. I will eventually move them away from the front sidewalk onto the Bank. They will help hold the soil and add green and texture to the bare spots.

Peace & Plenty.

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Mother of Millions ~ Chandelier Plant
Posted on May 23, 2022 9:34 AM

Last year I transplanted some of my Kalanchoe seedlings to the hillside behind our house. Now the house is owned by someone else and the Kalanchoe has become invasive and that is not what they had in mind for planting. I told her I would get all of the seedlings out. I got them out this morning and guess what? Yep, there was a 5 gallon bucket just brimming over the top full of them. One thing I can say about them is that they loosened the soil on that patch of hillside.

I am so glad she is a gardener and she has already done an outstanding job with that property. Amazing! We are starting to swap plants and I have a bunch more to give her when she is ready. They are having a big patio poured and their driveway widened and when all that gets finished she'll be ready for more plants. I have been propagating things for 5 years here and I have plenty to spare.

I couldn't believe how much the Canna's had grown after that good rain. If it rains more this week I'll have to mow the lawn.

Peace & Plenty.

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Eastern Bluebirds
Posted on May 22, 2022 9:00 AM

Yesterday I had a front row seat to a couple of Bluebirds bathing in my little birdbath. First the male came and sat on the edge and looked around and changed position and looked around again. Then, plop, into the water he hopped. He splashed a couple of times, then flew to the Elm tree nearby to shake and preen himself. The female flew to the Crape Myrtle tree and then to the birdbath. Oops! Here he comes and fusses at her and she retreats and he splashes around 3 times, then she comes to splash and he goes to the CM tree to watch. It was very entertaining and they are my favorite birds. That blue is heavenly!

The sprig of Pandorea that I had in a glass of water needed attention. I washed the glass, washed the sprig, and filled the glass with clean water and plopped the sprig in. Lo and behold, I noticed that there are 3 new leaves at the top of the sprig. OMG! I am so thankful! I didn't know if it was going to make it and the one root cutting in the garden I'm not even sure about. Those new leaves are giving me hope though and after that awesome rain we had maybe the rooted one will grow.

Peace & Plenty.

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Posted on May 21, 2022 6:06 AM

I was almost home from my morning walk and this little lady came out of her garage wearing a robe & nightgown and said, "Can you help me?" I went over to her and asked what could I do and she said she was locked out of her home. I noticed her hospital patient armband almost immediately. I looked at it and got her name. She told me she had already ripped a screen from her bathroom window and there it was on the driveway. I asked her why was she locked out. The info came in bits and pieces, & long story short is this. She had been in hospital since yesterday and they had released her in the wee hours this morning. The Paramedics had dropped her off at her home which is right around the corner from us at 2 am. She has a keypad on the garage door and let herself in and I guess they thought she was in and left. She said she had slept some in a chair in the garage.

I tried to open the door with several screwdrivers, but no luck. She asked me if I had a phone and I asked her if she wanted me to call 911. That was a def yes from her. I talked to the volunteer and gave what info I could. Then I went around the corner and got another neighbor to come and see if he could gain entry. He tried but no luck. By that time the Fire & Rescue, Paramedics, & Sherrif's Deputy were all there. The last I heard one of the guys had a lock pick set and was going to try. I came on home, but before I left the little lady gave me a hug and thank you. I did not do that much. It got me thinking what a pitiful existence that would be.

She has a son in Tampa and he went back home because he thought the hospital was going to keep her another day. She lives alone. I forgot why she said she had to go to the hospital in the first place. Apparently the Paramedic locked that door when they picked her up. Her son went to the house and she says he took the key home by mistake.

I sure hope they don't have to bust down the door to get her in her home. I will walk around there and check up on her later.

Great news! We got rain from yesterday afternoon all through the night and we are to get more all day. 83% chance. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

I'm going out now to see how much rain water I caught.

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