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All things new...
Posted on Sep 21, 2012 2:58 PM

First and foremost, new Grand Daughter.


Indirectly resulting in two new cats....

2012-09-21/threegardeners/cff6bd 2012-09-21/threegardeners/96c9bb
Midnight Buddy

New Rabbit...Snowball


New pigeons

2012-09-21/threegardeners/ceae05 2012-09-21/threegardeners/603429
Dutch Croppers Fantail

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Just some stuff.
Posted on Jul 9, 2012 7:09 PM

Its been an interesting week. I've been fighting a cold forever it seems. I found out that I have gall stones...which is why certain foods all of a sudden hate me. I need to get them removed, just have to find out how much recuperation time is needed so I know how many vacation days to save up...we get one vacation day for every 11 days we work.

There's been  little white pigeon with a pink sheen on her throat hanging around the coops the last couple of days. She perches herself either on top of the coop or just outside of the coop where the perches stick outside of the coop. I took the below pic through the looks like she is in the coop but she's not. I hope she hangs around, she's a cutie. Hubby leaves the door to the shingle shack open all day just in case she decides to wander in :) We think she might be a Homing Pigeon that got lost.

2012-07-10/threegardeners/0ce9d5 2012-07-10/threegardeners/64bcbf

A friend of ours is taking care of someone's Siberian Red-Breasted Geese. They're super colourful, about the size of a large duck. He's keeping them in a dog kennel...apparently they don't fly.


Sadly, I have to report that JJ, my wild pigeon Jack's, only offspring died the other night. Hubby says that's the thing with pigeons, they just die for no obviously apparent reason. All of the pigeon people out here say the same thing. Sucks though...I think I'll stop giving the pigeons names...

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Gained Two...Lost One
Posted on Jul 4, 2012 2:43 PM

2012-07-04/threegardeners/96af6aTwo new Old German Owl pigeons arrived on our doorstep this morning. They're allspeckled and adorable! Just learned how to fly.

One of the Suabian pigeons escaped on me not long after. She squeezed out the door of the coop when I was going in to see some new babies. Hubby and I figure that if she's smart enough to plan and execute such a smooth escape then she deserves to be free. No need to worry about her. Their wild instincts are strong, she'll find a flock of wild pigeons in a barn somewhere and make pretty Suabian/Wild babies.2012-07-04/threegardeners/a8cf1d

I have to post this picture of Mom beside one of our Adam's Needles. Mom is 5' 2" tall and it's way taller than she is.

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Rest In Peace, One-Eyed Jack
Posted on Jun 23, 2012 6:22 PM

The first pigeon I rescued. Couldn't release him because he was left with only one eye. I had no idea how old he might have been.


He fell in love with one of our Red Suabians though this summer. He left us JJ to remember him by.



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New Pigeons and Other Stuff
Posted on Jun 22, 2012 4:54 PM

They finally got here. We've been waiting for weeks.

Introducing: Indian Fantail Pigeons :))

2012-06-22/threegardeners/d2f8f0 2012-06-22/threegardeners/281c1f

I think they're beautiful. Hubby is going to build them a runout behind the shingle shack. They like to walk around in the grass like a chicken. Right now they're in with the mixed babies. Pigeons apparetly don't recognize breeds so we've got a few mixed ones that happened before we got the new coops built and everybody separated.

I've been thinking aa lot about quitting smoking. I've quit before, and instantly gained 20 pounds. This time I have a secret weapon. A girl at work uses it and she's been quit for over a year now. I splurged and got one for me and one for Hubby.

The Electronic Cigarette. It looks like a cigarette. Instead of all of the chemicals, it uses refillable cartriges filled with a nicotine liquid. You inhale vapours. It has a rechargeable battery. It's going to work for me. I know it is.

Wish me luck :)

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