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Still Under Construction (2015)
Posted on May 6, 2015 9:14 PM

Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/c768f6 Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/e78a1d Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/b5f692 Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/f5c029 Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/c95fda Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/55ddf6 Thumb of 2015-05-07/tiptonla/f1bc2f Thumb of 2015-05-19/tiptonla/ab8d87 Thumb of 2015-05-19/tiptonla/545ce3 Thumb of 2015-05-19/tiptonla/cfb0c2 Thumb of 2015-05-19/tiptonla/e2aaef Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/23c92f Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/026fd0 Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/6502fe Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/4ead4c Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/0ac8c7 Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/8f9a43 Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/3ec8a1 Thumb of 2015-05-31/tiptonla/936aca

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And So It Begins (Winter 2013/Spring 2014)
Posted on Jun 4, 2014 12:44 PM

New house=New opportunity
Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/b9158e Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/455bac Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/72c99d Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/10761b Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/e0a71a Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/2ba1f5 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/3732ff Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/7f9f88 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/fe008b Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/b4277b Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/2a1167

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Under Construction (2014)
Posted on Jun 4, 2014 12:32 PM

Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/0fc6c2 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/a0cd28 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/2f165b Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/e2f348 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/178e75 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/c50a02 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/b909c0 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/b1bf5b Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/a0db6a Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/4ef37c Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/74d17c Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/a6a0ae Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/45d2d8 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/35b52f Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/d42d9a Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/249c84 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/7aa0b4 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/a99efb Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/3bddd1 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/3413a3 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/728b1e Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/8b62b5 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/fab29f Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/d95386 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/b34504 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/ec4810 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/a739aa Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/96f354 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/96a8a2 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/c936d9 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/849e25 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/2126b6 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/810bda Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/4fea2a Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/81c403 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/df344e Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/068ace Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/186fb2 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/b56532 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/471600 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/26f3c3 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/4f4ab9 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/13dc37 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/1ba0bd Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/e39b6c Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/95bc4d Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/c8e6d0 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/a1ea0e Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/08d057 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/29d602 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/9ad9ba Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/f2aba7 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/5d8ae2 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/8261c5 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/17f651 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/6e6cfe Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/6e8cb2 Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/846b2b Thumb of 2014-06-04/tiptonla/28c774 Thumb of 2014-06-10/tiptonla/6cbc7a

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