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Car show season is now under way.
Posted on Jun 6, 2018 6:45 AM

First Car show was May 21st a colder than normal day for the time of year.
It was held in Midland Mi at the Northwood university campus.

Was our first show since getting rhe car painted and was awarded a top 25 plaque.

I had the Buick well cleaned before we arrived but still applied a coat of Lucas Slick Wax, this is great easy stuff to work with. So glad the paint guy Dave truned me on to it.

It was not a huge show.

But plenty to

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First car show under our belt.
Posted on Apr 25, 2018 6:59 AM

The show was fairly good. It was for the most part put on by college kids with an adult overseer. some of the planing was really lacking like the food department. Not sure who they were but Hot dogs is not every ones cup of tea and at a price of $4.00 each way to much.

They also had it on a Saturday and the ball field was right across the street and the parking lot was needed for that.
The show ended very early at 12:30 PM, was supposed to go till 3:00.
Also it was billed as a classic car show. Owners of older cars and trucks went home empty handed while a dealer that brought a 2018 Corvette still with dealer plates took home a top 25 plaque, a 2002 Mustang also recieved a top 25 plaque. I expected that what horny collage boy can resistet a batty eyes blond?

Our Buick was really looking good this year compaired to last summer. we recieved a top 25 plaque, our first.

😀 Al

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Start of 2018 car show season.
Posted on Apr 19, 2018 6:28 AM

Saturday is the first our area Michigan car show. It is April 21st Otis Wilson Memorial Car Show at Northwood University Midland Michigan. We want very much to make this show as our first of the season to show off the Le Sabre's new paint job.

Problem is is has been wet with snow and rain all month. We also live on a lime stone road, have a gravel driveway. I am trying very hard to keep the under side of the Le Sabre squeaky clean. Once we get some decent warm temps I am going to raise the car off the ground around 20 inches on jack stands and paint the whole under carrage with POR 15. POR 15 is a rust stopper hence Paint Over Rust, is all so a rust preventer. It prevents rust by totally covering the metal to keep moisture and air from eroding it.

Our road per the long range weather forecast will not be a problem as it is suppose to be dry for the rest of the week and enough traffic will beuseing the road to if you will squeegee the road dry. Our 39 year old drive way is the big problem, it has settled over the years making the drive way lower than the reast of the area. I make every effert every year to make drain channels to allow water to drain off. I also make every attempt to make sure we do not have deep mud puddles.

So now I have 2 days to drain and dry our drive way and make the car show.

Next weekend we have two shows we want to make. Freeland Michigan Saturday the 28th part of the Walleye fest.
Sunday the 29th there is one in Shepard Michigan part of the Maple Syrup fest.

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Pay pal & E bay up date
Posted on Jan 19, 2018 8:13 AM

Yesterday decided only way to fix the problem with my money was to get coustomer service on the phone. Well that is an awful mess to say the least. first you get the automated system and they have noting there of help so you have to say coustomer service then set thru about 20 minutes of computer crap you can do at Pay Pal .com.

Finally get a real human although the english isn't so hot and had to ask for a repete some times.
After talking to that real human and him telling me just what I had ordered and when he said he could not help me because the funds came from a E Bay gift card I should call them.

Call E BAY and in shorter time than at PP I get a real human to talk to I think? Her favorite saying was I under stand which she sure didn't. She tells me she understands, wants to know the gift card number, Are you kidding I redeemed the card way back in August and don't keep those cards laying around. She again says she under stands as I am boiling over and says I have to contact pay pal.

So a part I could have ordered from some nice people in NJ for $125.00 includeing shipping and was told If I bought it thru E bay would save me the shipping cost has cost me $125.00 for a 99.00 part with free shipping.

I don't know what good it will do but I am going to contact the Michigan attorney general and see what happens, probably not much.

😭. Al

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Pay pal & E bay
Posted on Jan 18, 2018 7:38 AM

Wanted to buy a car part sold on E bay which I have never did before so contacted the seller and asked about buying direct.
I was informed buying thru E bay was the best way because ther part was $25.00 cheaper and free shipping. Not wanting to use a credit card on line to protect my account and idenity, (Hey I am just Old and do not trust those so called safe sites.) I go and buy a E Bay gift card. You have to put the gift card money in pay pal which I did and bought the car part. I had a balance of $26.00 left over in my account. Been trying to use that $26.00 for months now to buy things and they are not allowing me to buy any thing till I give them a credit card and number.

So I will say I have tried and tried to get ahold of pay pal and get some thing done so I can use thr $26.00 or just have it returned to me with out any luck.

I will say if I ever recover my $26.00 from pay pal I am finished with them. Amazon is so much better to deal with and many other companies I can call and use a credit card over the phone.

I think at this point I am going to reach out to my states atternoy general and see if they can get some thing done for me.

Just fed up.

😀 Al

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