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Reese Make a wish car show.
Posted on Sep 5, 2018 5:41 AM

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MoreUS 27 tour.
Posted on Aug 24, 2018 7:43 AM

So we make it to Ithaca Mi the second stop for the day. To early for lunch we went to a place called Hearthstone a so called bakery that serves meals.

Kare got a club sandwich and I got a a turkey ranch and put them in our cooler to eat latter.
They tasted great by the time we got to Alma about 1:00 or normal lunch/dinner time. Rember lunch you eat while at work or not at home. dinner is the mid day meal ate at home by country folks, we eat supped in the evening not dinner.

We had 160 plus cars in St. Johns and at Ithaca it swelled to 184 cars and a few trucks. Yes there was even a guy rideing a Chushman Scooter and had his support crew complete with trailer along.


This oldie was even hauling a tear drop trailer. Told me that their first year not knowing the how you made hotel/motel reservations in advance they had to drive a long ways out of their way to find a place to stay. Decide they would just buy the trailer and they could sleep in any parking lot and save thE motel bill money.


Owner of this Old's got an attude at his first car show with it.


This is one beautiful street rod. You learn to pack lite the owner told me. and it keeps you from buying big silvnorers(sp).

Part of the down town Ithaca, that street runs east and west, So picture is looking east. We had been put on a side treet near town center.


LOL some owners get testy, heard him tell some one NO IT ISN"T WHITE. It is a pearl. And now ther ford lettering isn't painted on. It is cut clean thru the hood for ventilation.


:D Al

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US 27 Tour.
Posted on Aug 24, 2018 7:38 AM

Don't think I am cut out to do touring car shows. It is the 12th anual US 27 classic car auto tour. Started out in WaterLoo Indaina then making stops in towns along the way for a couple hours of car show. You can join in at any location and leave when you wish to if you can't take all the days off for it.

We decided to join in for just Thursday the 23d to see what it was like. Can't do more than the day because we have critters at home that need to be fed and we don't want to impose on people to do it for us.

We arrived at St. Johns Michigan lineing up 4 wide down Main Street. We were in the front part of the 4th row.


Main street St. Johns runs North and South started filling up quick as stragglers from the over night stop in Dewitt and those who were getting fuel arrived. At 10:00 AM on the dot a Sheriff deputy leat the first row off starting with the west row. Led us down a city street to Old US 27 other deputys had traffic stopped at inter sectons where there were stop signs or traffic lites. At this point US 27 is a 4 lane divided hyway all the way to Ithaca with a speed limit of 65MPH. We were told at each stop before heading to the next location we would be doing The legal posted speed limit.

As a young fellow in the late 1960's and all thru the 1970's and being single My brother and I would get out of work on a Friday evening jump in are packed truck Jeep or Bronco and drive north a normal week end 3 hour drive. But a holiday week end the Nut jobs were on the road so that 3 hour drive many times turned into a i4 to 5 hour drive. It is madding to be cruiseing right along on a express way and come to a total and complete halt. well that is how the tour cruise was. Back when brother and I bought a state book of counties road maps. We soon worked out a route to avoid that mess on the free way and traveled back road Michigan to turn the 3 hour drive back into just that.

We met people who live just 4 miles from us who have a pontiac station wagon we didn't know about nor met at any local shows.


Met another fellow who used to live about 8 miles away who moved to St. Johns about 10 years ago. Never did find out what he drove.

As always at these car shows there is some beautiful cars. Many we have seen before and despite this cruise starting in Indiana there wasn't all that many cars from there.
One was From Tennessee.

I might add there were some what I felt weird cars along, A Ford Flex, A New Toyato Land Cruiser with the paper plate in the window, a lexis a bunck of new Corvettes and Mustangs and a couple newer Camaro.

looking south up St.Johns main street that runs up hill.



Liked this Willies had the emblem in the center of the grill but had a tag on the side that said Jeep Truck.


Yes this Old's Vista Cruiser was for sale, they were huge rug rat hualers and had that raised part which contained a window.


I know a fellow who goes nuts over any Mercury so I took a picture of this highly modfied one for him.



This sweet old DeSota was having a problem with the right side fender skirt. the old folks got a couple of young guys from some place to lay in the street and work on it at St. Johns.



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Car show season is now under way.
Posted on Jun 6, 2018 6:45 AM

First Car show was May 21st a colder than normal day for the time of year.
It was held in Midland Mi at the Northwood university campus.

Was our first show since getting rhe car painted and was awarded a top 25 plaque.

I had the Buick well cleaned before we arrived but still applied a coat of Lucas Slick Wax, this is great easy stuff to work with. So glad the paint guy Dave truned me on to it.

It was not a huge show.

But plenty to

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First car show under our belt.
Posted on Apr 25, 2018 6:59 AM

The show was fairly good. It was for the most part put on by college kids with an adult overseer. some of the planing was really lacking like the food department. Not sure who they were but Hot dogs is not every ones cup of tea and at a price of $4.00 each way to much.

They also had it on a Saturday and the ball field was right across the street and the parking lot was needed for that.
The show ended very early at 12:30 PM, was supposed to go till 3:00.
Also it was billed as a classic car show. Owners of older cars and trucks went home empty handed while a dealer that brought a 2018 Corvette still with dealer plates took home a top 25 plaque, a 2002 Mustang also recieved a top 25 plaque. I expected that what horny collage boy can resistet a batty eyes blond?

Our Buick was really looking good this year compaired to last summer. we recieved a top 25 plaque, our first.

😀 Al

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