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Monday evening Lapeer Mi down town show.
Posted on Nov 13, 2017 6:46 AM

This was our first show in Lapeer on a Monday evening.

56 Ford.

Dodge Dart hot rod.

Ford Fairlane.

64 Ford rug rat hauler.

63 1/2 Ford

Ford T Bird. I had always wanted one of these but could not justfy to cost. Kare and I found a affordable one but I felt to far gone.

Orginal compact car. the Metropolitan.

Pontiac, Oldsmobile or Chevy? I have no clue and didn't ask that day and haven't seen it since.

This Chevy was found sitting in a shed in Flint that was falling down. Had sat in there for 30 years, the owner drove it home to redo.

Beautful Buick Rivera. I love black and chrome.

😀 Al

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More down town Davison Mi Friday night.
Posted on Nov 13, 2017 6:28 AM

Mercury Cougar.

Dodge rug rat hauler.

Early Dodge, like the paint, it is different.

Early Plymouth rag top.

Early Ford PU.


Oldsmobile complete with A&W drive thru window tray.

Pontiac, My dad got a job at Fisher Body Pontiac after WWII and worked there till 1974. He may have worked on these next couple.

Pontiac, This was one of the many body styles GM used in all car lines. they were built in California. this one is a twin trbo drag car.

😀 Al

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The paint job.
Posted on Nov 12, 2017 6:00 PM

Our 1985 buick sat out side in the sun and winter snow sleet and freezing ran for 6 years before we bought it. No one bother to add any wax nor wash it during that time so the paint is dead.
It has cracks and pits in it, Some one along the way had keyd it and the touch up paint blew off in the first rince when washed.
We have been searching for a painter since May, thought we had found one in June but he was busy then so told us he would call in August or Sept when he had cleared the back log up. When the calander said it was Oct. 15th We decided he had not really wanted the job so the serch started all over again.
We know what we want, We want a show car we can be proud of and it is close just a nice paint job with a deep deep view thru clear coat about a mile to the color.

After going to every person who we had recommended to us we yesterday settled on who is going to do the Job. It is not going to be cheap in fact a bit more than the appraised cost of the car when finished.

A quick look at the car the day before we picked it up, it had just rained before we got there so it appears nothing is wrong with the paint really.

This trunk picture shows the dullness the best.

All chrome gets removed, includeing the mirrors and door handles. All the old paint comes off, the under side of the hood and trunk get painted as well as the door edges and the openings. The body side moulding are removed and replaces with new ones, door rubber seals as well as the trunk rubber seal.
The grill front the chrome is taped off and the black high lites are redone.

Also the side LaSabre emblem is getting painted and shined up and the Buick lettering on the trunk.

It comes with a life time warrenty againest blistering cracking and peeling.

😀 Al

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Electrical work.
Posted on Nov 12, 2017 6:00 PM

We have had a flickering light problem for a while now. Thought it had to do with the smart meter the power company installed a couple months ago. they how ever having came to the house once at 1:30 AM and again the next day at 9:00 AM both times showing me that there was 240 Volts going into the house. They were called out because half thre power in the house had disappeared, my meter showed only 120 volts to half the breakers in the box and the other side dead.

After much fussing and internet searching I discovered our 1978(9) MURRAY 200 AMP main breaker has been causeing problems as far back as 2009 I found on the net. They do not make that breaker any longer or make a replacement. So only one thing to do. replace the whole panal box complete with a new main 200/225 AMP breaker.

Buying a Breaker box is fairly simple, count the breakers in your present box and I added 5 extra spaces for future breakers in case I want to divide.
The problems start when you do not research ahead of time the box to make sure that the 200/225 AMP breaker is factory installed.
I had decided on a 225 AMP breaker box as I have plans on adding rhe electric needs of rthe honey house to it and stop useing the genorator.

Get the box home Sunday afternoon a really rainy day good day for inside shopping. Bring it in to the basement open the box, there is no main breaker!!!!!. Go back where I bought the panal box and discovered you have to buy the breaker seprate for this box, they do not carry the breaker for thr box you have to order it. Will take ruffly a week to get it, that will not do at all as we needed it several days ago really. Got to every open home inprovement store and it is the same story you have to order the 225 AMP breaker. I finally found a 200 AMP breaker at a store for $84.00.

This gets Kare up set as we bought the 225AMP box so we could have the extra AMP's and she decides we are not going to keep any thing the 200 AMP breaker or the 225 AMP box.

So Monday after a eye doctors appoint for Kare we make the rounds and find a 200 AMP Box with the main factory installed and 5 smaller bonus breakers 30 AMP 20 AMP and one 15 AMP included. Bring it home and make sure it is all there, do the measurements to make room for it where the old smaller box is and make note of extra needed things like cement anchors to hold the new box to the wall.

Box the 225 AMP box back up and after a doctors appointment Monday returned all of it.

The fun starts a bit later today when the power company turns off the power and I remove the old box then put the new box in place and change all the wires over into the new box. Have to remove the wires and label this one goes in a 90 AMP double toggle breaker for the electric furnace, this one goes in a 15 AMP single toggle for the living room lights and on down the line.
Once the main is changed over I can have thr powert turned back on if I desire because I can shut the new main breaker off to install all the rest.

Of course I have to start the genorator and run extention cords, One for the fridge and another for th4e re,maining freezer. The big one has stopped working not being able to handle the power going on and off. I also meed a cord to power my work lights. It is very dark in that far corner of the basement.

Sort of funny, never liked climbing but do it now when removeing honey bees from places. Was so afraid of electric but after wireing the Cabin at deer camp and wireing rhe honey house it isn't so scary with the power off.

😁 Al

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Week night down town car shows.
Posted on Nov 12, 2017 5:59 PM

Davison Michigan has a down town show just about every Friday night. Rain and Back to the bricks tune is all that interfers with it in the summer.

This was the first car show we attended. the man who owned this 51 Buick was a very nioce man.

Lots of money spent on paint chrome and polish but vice grips hold the hood up rather than a hood strut.

A super stock Dodge but not shiney red of little old lady fame.

AMC AMX the 2 seater version of the Javelin, with a Hudson next door.

A Buick Grand Sport.

75 Dodge challanger, this Friday night there were so many cars many were sent to the city lot behind city hall to display.

A yet to be finished Chevy Pick up.

56 Chevy rug rat hauler.

A very clean Pontiac GTO, also sent to thr city lot.

Mercury Clyclone , another city lot car.

Mercury AFX car anothe rcity lot car.

Old's Cutlass Another City lot car.


More to follow from Davison.

😀 Al

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