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The Super Blood Wolf Moon
Posted on Jan 23, 2019 12:18 PM

The dogs woke me in time to see the eclipse of the moon this past Sunday, January 20th. I knew they would. Earlier, they were growling with their noses in the air so I figured they were catching the scent of coyotes that are usually on the move around the full moon.

The sky was perfectly clear and I could see the moon through the trees earlier that night. It was big and bright.

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This is what I woke up to. It's much colder outside now but worth a little shivering to see this amazing event.

Thumb of 2019-01-23/wildflowers/db69dc Thumb of 2019-01-23/wildflowers/756730

It became harder to focus as the moon moved into full eclipse but I managed a decent shot.

Thumb of 2019-01-23/wildflowers/2cbc18

The moon was still shining bright the next morning, lighting up the western sky. It was beautiful!

The following night's moon was beautiful too. The ring around it means rain. Yes, we had rain.

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What else is happening?

All of the tomato and most of the pepper seeds have sprouted. That's all I've started so far and will probably wait until February to start other seeds. Probably; but only if I can wait!

The lettuce and mustard greens have survived the winter so far. Our lowest temp so far the winter was down to 26° overnight. A mild winter for us. The dill is sprouting out there too. Dill needs an early start here.

I've made so many salads with the greens, I lost count! This one has some store bought arugula too. Arugula is so delicious! I'm not sure if the garden arugula will come back this year after the army worms attacked the roots. That was in October, I think. Army worms were everywhere! Not very long later, the arugula died overnight! I mean it was green one day and dead the next! I dug up so many army worm pupa it was crazy! If the arugula doesn't come back, I'm ready to plant more! Love arugula!!

Thumb of 2019-01-23/wildflowers/6eee49

Homemade crusty bread to go with it. The secret to the best homemade bread, with the taste and texture of a really good artisan bread is a little fresh ground sprouts. Well, at least one secret.

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Female Cardinal and a couple of male Cardinals.
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And the sowing begins
Posted on Jan 9, 2019 3:53 PM

It was pretty quiet around here for the new year which suits me just fine. New Year's Day started with the usual southern traditional meal but this year instead of a big spread of food, I put everything in one pot which made a delicious soup. We loved it so much, it will be our new tradition!

New Year's Soup with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and black eyed peas. And some cornbread on the side.
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Usually I'm not thinking about starting seeds until February but this year I'm going to start earlier, like now. Although, we won't hear from Punxsutawney Phil until February 2nd, something tells me we might get lucky and have an early spring. I have some Coco Coir soaking in water. I'll mix it with a seed starting medium. It seems like I have much better success starting tomatoes and peppers when I add Coco Coir; so that's what I'm going to do.

Here's what's up on the list to sow tomorrow, January 10th:
Jaune Flammee
Brad's Atomic Grape
Glossy Rose Blue (cherry)
Peron Sprayless
Goldman's Italian-American
Watermelon Beefsteak
Red Robin Micro Dwarf (a true dwarf tomato)

Sweet Peppers:
Zulu bellpepper

Hot Peppers:
Rezha Maceonian
Congo Trinidad Habanero
Peter Pepper
Big Jim Chili
Aji Dulce

Here's what else is going on ~
The squirrels are keeping the dogs enthralled doing their acrobatics in the trees.

Thumb of 2019-01-09/wildflowers/9f0486

Trying to hide
Thumb of 2019-01-09/wildflowers/3a6efa

So much rain!
Thumb of 2019-01-09/wildflowers/071185

Splashes of color!
Japanese Spirea
Thumb of 2019-01-09/wildflowers/ed1066 Thumb of 2019-01-09/wildflowers/bd4749

Loquat tree is extremely cold hardy! Too bad it fruits in winter and the fruit cannot survive below about 27F. This tree is around 8 or 9 years old and so far no fruit.
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Colorful sunset ~ wishing all a good night!
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A new year approaching
Posted on Dec 30, 2018 3:01 PM

With a new year approaching I thought it would be a good time to finally start a blog. Hi to my grandchildren. I hope you will find my blog interesting and I'll try to keep up with some gardening going-on's through the years to come. And anyone else who might be interested.

It's cold and wet right now. All the leaves are brown, for the most part!
Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/25bc51

Just a couple of things growing in the winter garden. These two come to mind.

Lettuce 'Rouge d'Hiver'
Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/f8f149 Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/a1fc0a

Mustard 'Red Frills'
Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/cb4e6c

There's a lot of birds around.

Like these little wrens. I think its called a Carolina Wren.
Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/411202

And Cardinals.
Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/222720

This hawk has been hanging out near the pond. It's pretty good sized; I think it's a Red-Shouldered Hawk. Seems to like frogs and grasshoppers.
Thumb of 2018-12-30/wildflowers/6b674c

Ran across these really fragrant apples at the store the other day so bought some. They're very sweet and crispy. The flavor reminds me of a pear. A crispy pear! Yum! If you run across some, I recommend them!

Opal Apples
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