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Original Message climbing roses
Quoting Debbie: ------------
-I'm looking for some info. on climbing
-roses. I have some that are intended to
-go up and over a trellis. What's the
-best way to train them? Do I need to
-them or just weave them through

Hi, Debbie. It's always best not to
weave a climbing rose in and through its
support because the canes are going to
get longer, larger, and stiffer with
age. Just tie them in place as they
elongate with pieces of soft hemp rope
or the green plastic (stretch-type) tape
available at many garden centers. And
you will get more blooms if you
encourage as much horizontal growth as
you can.

As to winter care, you need to talk with
knowledgable local growers (contact them
at or through your garden center) to
find out about any special protection.
It depends on your microclimate, the
placement in your landscape, and the
varieties of roses you have.

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