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Original Message Horse Manure as Additive
I don't have vast experience on the
subject yet since I've only been
gardening 2 years now. BUT, the first
year I was over run with weeds and
decided never again. I found an endless
supply of horse manure and used it last
year as a mulch. I started late in the
game and didn't have anytime to let it
compost. I applied it as a mulch on the
plants and in the paths even as it was
still steaming and had a strong ammonia
smell. I made sure to water (spray)
thoroughly after applying and
everything worked fine. I've now gotten
ahead of the situation and allow
several months composting time which is
the prefered option. If you're adding
now and planting greater than a couple
of weeks from now I'd say go ahead, you
may tie up nitrogen and need to

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