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Original Message RE: Composting
When composting you want to have a pretty even mix of greens and browns, and some moisture but not too much. This will get your compost cooking and there should be a sweet earthy smell nothing stinky at all that would draw the attention of bugs/flies/et.. Unless you are putting in meats, cheeses, fats and oils. You want to stick to vegetable scraps, rinsed out eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, shredded newspaper (no shiny ads though), leaves (dry and/or fresh), grass clippings and other natural yard refuse. We have been doing this a couple years now with no trouble from vermin or bugs... Not including the squirrels because we left the lattice off to repair a side. Make sure you have it in a location near your garden for easy access, and where you have good wind flow and access to water. Try not to let it dry out and mix it regularly like once a week or so.

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