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Quoting Jerry: ------------
-I guess it depends on your idea of hard
-work ....
-Yes, you can do it yourself, but to do
-it properly, it can entail a lot of
-work. The soil needs to be removed a
-of 6-8" with gravel and sand added to
-form a stable base. The sod removal is
-the toughest part - anything more than
-few sq yds may easily take an
-The more clay in your soil and the more
-weeds and grass roots, the more
-difficult removal will be.

You will also need a soil tamper after
you get the "base" installed which can
be a manual type (fairly inexpensive) or
a gasoline engine driven type (pretty
expensive) and when you set the bricks.
The tamper is needed for stability of
the walk, installing a brick walk
without tamping can easily result in
uneven settling and loose bricks that
could cause sprained ankles.

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