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Original Message Some ideas

Sorry to hear about your allergy. I'm
afraid I have more bad news, too - you
might be out of luck with groundcover in
your backyard. Dogs - esp BIG dogs and
groundcovers don't mix.

An area that small - 165 sqft - leaves
little room for a running dog. The
plants would be trampled and diluting
the urine (hosing it down) would keep
you busy. In fact, that area could be
called a spacious pen for a big dog as
well as a small bkyd. (did the
multi-listing say that??)

Anything in that area that includes
low-growing plants is going to be
difficult to maintain with him/her
as part of it. I do, however, like the
idea of a water garden with a perimeter
plants. If you leave a path for the Spot
to run on, there might be room for both.

You may be able to grow annual or
perennial flowers. If Ruff damages them,
they're not as expensive to replace. You
could hang boxes on the fence and grow
things there.

Tall, stiff ornamental grasses (if
you're not allergic to those, too) -
miscanthus - and smaller flowering
shrubs - spirea, pyracantha,
forsythia - might do well once
established in spots where he can run
around them.

Consider a rock garden.

Mulch the areas where he's worn it down
to keep the mud and dust in check.

Visit the link below for helpful
publications for landscaping. The PDFs
are easier to read. If you do decide to
plant, I suggest you have a soil
analysis prepared (~$20) at your local
Extension Service (see the yellow pgs)
to see what shape your soil is in.
Adjust per their report.

With the potential stress your dog may
impart on the garden, it'll stand up
better if it's healthy to begin with.

Others may have more encouraging ideas.

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