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Original Message Thanks Jerry

Thanks for the hints. The dog manages to
get a good run up, despite the small
yard. It is probably a bit larger than I
told you, but I am not very good at this
math thing - sorry! But the whole lot is
only .97 acre, so it's not too darn big.

Also have an erosion problem (yard
slopes, sand/dirt runs toward neighbors
house in heavy rain). Am needing to put
something down (even if it has to be
grass) to keep my yard from slipping
away. Just took down a nasty old above
ground pool, which has revealed a great
spot to place a retaining wall and do
some planting above it. It is the other
2/3 of the yard I am worried about!

If I have to resort to grass in the open
area where "Bear" will run, then I guess
something slow growing that I don't have
to be in contact with too much would be
best. I really dislike most of the grass
they grow down here, as it has wide
blades and is not very attractive. I was
able to get Bermuda (Sahara) to grow
(which I do like), but I have to keep it
watered (which poses a problem during
water restrictions in the summer). Plus,
we have had some pretty cold days here
that may have killed off what little I
got started last year (it's not supposed
to get that cold here - brrr!).

I like the idea of perimeter planting.
Including the area around the existing
tree stands, that would take care of
over a 1/3 of the yard. Just have to
figure out how to keep the center from
eroding, and potentially taking out some
of my perimeter.

Pictures sure would help, huh?

Thanks Again!

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