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Original Message Seed starting
You got some great advice previously. I'd like to add a few comments from my experiences with starting tomatoes. Use a soilless sterile mix, (like Jiffymix) to plant seeds in and fungal disease occurance can be reduced considerably. Light is a huge factor in the success of seedlings. A shop-light hanging over the seed containers at a distance of 4-6 inches can provide a well controlled temperature and give emerging seedlings the needed 14 hours of daily light they need to succeed.(Years ago, I put seedlings in a sunny window to grow. They got leggy and dampened-off due to the inconsistency of light and weather in March.) Domes can be preferrable in retaining heat to help seeds germinate quicker under lights, but should be removed shortly after germination as stated. Fan for air circulation is a great idea. Once the second, or true leaves emerge(@2 weeks)go ahead and fertilize with a water soluble mixture containing miracle gro or another fertilizer that has a higher middle #, phosphorus. TexasA&m and Ohio State have very helpful co-op extension sites on this matter. Good luck.

-I have a couple questions about raising
-Tomatoes from seed.
-1....Where can I find out when the last
-frost of my area happens??? I've read
-that this tells you when to start the
-seed but I have no idea where to find
-this date. I live in Ham Lake, MN.

-2...I bought some seed starting kits
-that come with plastic humidome. When I
-start the seeds when do I take this dome

-I'am new to this indoor seed raising, In
-the past I've gotten tomato plants from
-family and friends. i would like to
-strike out on my own this year. Would
-like to experiment with trying the sweet
-100's and grape variety. Any info would
-help. Thanks mike

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