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Original Message dieffenbachia care
In time, just about all dieffenbachias
will become too tall to support
themselves. Although lots of bright
indirect sunlight will encourage
sturdier stems and larger leaves, even
these sturdy stems will eventually
topple over under the weight of the
large leaves. The only solution is to
periodically prune back lanky stems to
within a few inches of the soil.
Fortunately, dieffenbachias respond
well to pruning and soon produce
healthy new growth just below the
pruning cut. The cuttings can be rooted
in water. Happy pruning!

Quoting Patti: ------------
-I have a dieffenbachia about 4-5 feet
-tall. I have had it since it was very
-small, but now the stems have become
-very thin, unable to support the
-I don't recall any major change in
-or location that would have caused
-this. Please help.

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