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Original Message A.V.'s
The only thing I do for my African
Violet is keep the soil moist, and
every time I water all my plants I use
a little miracle gro in the water. I
also use kinda luke warm water. My AV
is now blooming again for the first
time this year. Last year when I first
got it it was blooming like crazy and
by the looks of the way its going now
it will bloom once again like crazy!!
Dont know if this help but I thought I
would share any ways!

Quoting Ber: ------------
-Hi there,

-I admit it...I'm not the most
-indoor gardener. I haven't fertilized
-African violets in months, though
-repotted them in the fall and have
-watered them regularly. They are under
-grow lights.

-Over the last couple of months, a
-of them (in need of division, I
-have produced small, hard, tight
-rosettes of growth. It reminds me of
-kind of growth produced when a plant
-a virus. Is this normal? Is it just a
-signal to me that these babies really
-need to be divided?

-Also, I understand that A.violets need
-pretty strong fertilizer to keep
-blooming. Can anyone recommend an
-organic formulation strong enough to
-keep them blooming?

-My plants thank you for any help and
-inspriation you can provide.

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