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Original Message spider mites
Hi there,
Spider mites can show up when the room is too hot and too dry, that's why it is a common problem in the winter. Unfortunately palms are also susceptible to spider mites. They are so small that they could have already been on the plant. Is your plant in a room with a fireplace or near a heater? Most house plants would prefer a minimum of 50F. but no more than about 75F. Your plant is in need of more humidity, misting the plant usually will get rid of the spider mites, or take it into the bathroom and turn your shower on (not on the plant,ha) and give it a good steaming. Not sure what type of palm you have, but if it is a type of parlour or kentia palm, it will tolerate a little less light in the summer. And while Home Depot or other chain stores can be a good bargain for plants, they just never seem to have anyone looking after them except to water once in a while, much better to go to a garden store where someone spends 8hrs. a day looking for bug and fungus problems. So I hope this helps you out and good luck! Andi

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