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Original Message Spider mites
Hi Kate,

Spider mites don't really appear out of thin (warm, dry) air, although it often appears that way. The spider mites were on your palm from the outset. When conditions are right, they multiply very rapidly and suddenly become very noticeable.

There is nothing you can do to totally prevent them. Do check your plants very carefully before buying them, especially the undersides of leaves. And check them regularly as part of your routine care. This is especially true for mite-prone plants such as most palms.

When (not if) you find them, the key to effective treatment is not what you use but how throughly you apply it. A soapy water solution works very well as log as you drench all leaf and stem surfaces until they are dripping wet.

Let me know if this is unclear or contact me directly if you want my article on indoor plant pest control.

Will Creed

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