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Original Message False aralia
Hi Lucy,

I am sorry you had such frustration ID'ing your plant. Next time you have an indoor plant question, just contact me directly and spare yourself the frustration.

False aralias are among the plants quickest to react dramatically to any stress. First of all, resist the temptation to repot it. Bright indirect light is a must; try to locate it in front of a north or east window. Once you have it in an appropriate location, keep it there permanently. Otherwise it will have to acclimate all over again to a new environment.

They also require a stable environment with regular watering that keeps the soil evenly moist. A single late watering or moderate overwatering can cause sudden leaf drop. Water your false aralia as soon as the surface of the soil feels dry.

High humidity helps, but is not essential. Skip the fertilizer entirely for now. If your plant is thriving next spring, then you can fertilize at half strength monthly while it is growing vigorously.

Warm, even temps above 65 degrees are also important. Avoid cold drafts and warm drafts from heaters.

Move it into a larger pot only when the soil is drying out every day or two following a thorough watering.

Let me know if this is unclear.

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