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Hi Barbara,
sorry to hear of your misfortune. too bad you live too far away. we could go into cahoots. besides the head trauma I am with you. anyway the easiest propagationg is done by pinching tips off of easily rooting plants ( coleus, pothos, angel wing begonias, hoya,) I have done all of these with no problem . even a sanseivaria ( very slow to root) you can purchase a rooting hormone it is like a fine powder. once you pinch or cut the tops of what you will be rooting just dip in the powder, than the dirt. you should be able to tell when they root they will look more perky or if you tug lightly thay will feel anchored, certain plants root differently like you have obviously read , stick to those untill you become a pro. you can also provide bottom heat to promote strong fast root growth. hope that helps.

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