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Original Message grow for it!
The surest way to get more plants is through division. Any plant that multiplies can be divided. Voila! Instant plants. Examples are ferns, sansevieria, aglaonema. Look at the plant and see if it has multiple plants coming up. Take the plant out of the pot and use a bread knife, clippers or whatever works for you and saw, cut the plant into sections of plants with roots. Pot up in pots about the size of the rooted plant.
The explanation of how to do cuttings is good from another person who wrote to you. Remember to keep the cuttings short, no more than 4 inches, remove bottom leaves and barely dust with rooting hormone.
Some plants will root in water, even easier. Examples are syngonium, pothos, heart-leved philodendron, etc.
Good luck and have fun!

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