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Original Message caffeinated plants
The previous response was incorrect. Soda IS IS IS beneficial for houseplants(indoor) in particular. Not coke or mt.dew but clear seltzer water. MANY many indoor gardeners use soda w/ a little plant food and trace minerals to foliar feed(feeding by spraying leaves directly/bypassing the root system. plants require much more co2 than is available even outdoors. by foliar feeding w/soda water + fertlzr/food you deliver a healthy booster dose of co2 to the plant. many hobbyists use this method to suplement co2 which will increase a plants growth and fruit production as most all plants are capable of consuming double triple even quadruple the amount of available co2 in air. you had halfway good info. no caffeine, no sugar, and as little salt as possible. making plain soda or seltzer the IDEAL way for a hobbyist to supplement co2 without expensive co2 generators. just remember to give the plants a rinse with clean cool water periodicly to get rid of salt/sugar buildup which can clog the stomata (plant pores) on the leaves.
happy growing and remember.....
give a plant PLENTY of what IT needs.....
and in return IT will give you PLENTY of what YOU need.
and by plenty i mean all you can possibly give it(with the exception of nutrients, as they are the only of the four that a plant can overdose on).
glad i could help. best, Finster

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