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That is interesting about the dish detergent.
Those teeny tiny bugs are gnats or fleas. The reason it happens is because commercial potting soil in the US is not made well.
These tiny menaces continue through the winter and re-multiply about every 4 weeks.
The best product I have used is a spray that contains African chrysanthmum as it's main ingredient. It can be gotten at a nursery.
The alternative, the nursery owner told me is to quite literally place a flea collar around the plant. Not practical for me. I have too many plants. I have used the spray. It works! On contact. And does not harm animals, foods humans etc.
The down side is that you MUST spray the gnat as it rises out of the soil. To just spar the soil does no good. You gotta get 'em as they fly up. What I do is have the spray in one hand as i water the plant in the other. As the miserable things fly up I zap them. It is TEDIUS! But it works.
Another alternative is to locate what the professional rent a plant people do who take care of plants in offices etc.. It's a small yellow paper, about the sizew of a post it. It is covered w/ a sticky substance. As the gnats fly up, the paper, stuck in the soil catches them. Good luck!

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