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I don?t know much about decorative dogwoods but I have researched our local growing dogwood tree because I really want one in my yard. According to the information I?ve gathered it is nearly impossible to transplant them. I have not asked about cuttings though. One lady in this area has been able to get the local dogwood to take from seed, she gathers very red ripe seed, strips the soft flesh off the seeds then plants the seeds 2xs the height of the seed. She says the taking rate isn?t good and you have to plant lots and lots of seeds to get a couple saplings. The other thing you have to do is plant in the spot where you want the tree to grow because the sapling will die if you try to transplant it. This is information for the California native dogwood tree so I don?t know what type of dogwood you are talking about but hope this gives you some new information.

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