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I agree with Carole. Dracaena marginatas
are very hardy plants and very
long-lived. Don't water unless the soil
feels dry at least once inch deep. They
need bright light, such as an eastern or
western window. You could divide the
plant if it has separate canes, or you
could remove the plant from the pot, cut
the bottom three-four inches of roots
off with a sharp knife, add fresh soil
to the pot, then put the plant back in.
Do not trim the roots right now since
the plant looks unhealthy. This should
only be done with healthy plants. If the
plant is very stressed and unhealthly, I
would not repot it right now either.
Make sure the soil is not being kept too
wet and the plant is getting enough
light. When the plant recovers and
starts growing new leaves, then repot,
divide, or trim the roots.

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