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Original Message Dracena Massangeana
If your corn plant came from a bank
lobby, I assume it was being replaced
for a reason. Replaced plants are often
not in the best of health. Provide
bright indirect light, such as in front
of an unobstructed north window. The sun
should never shine directly onto its
leaves. Damaged leaves can be cut with
scissors to a nicer shape (similar to
trimming fingernails) or they can be
removed entirely. Individual leaves do
not grow back. The split cane is
probably dead or dying and should be
removed from the pot when it no longer
has any leaves. Water as you were
previously instructed. Misting is
unnecessary because this plant does well
in low humidity. Trim off any roots that
are growing out of the drainage holes.
Otherwise do not disturb the roots by
repotting or dividing. Also do not
fertilize at this time. Pe patient: Your
plant has been in a state of decline for
quite some time and itwill take even
longer to get it fully recovered. Good

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