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I've grown vegtables in containers off and on for years, with mostly good results. I make sure my container for tomatoes has plenty of room for the root system @ least a 20 gal tub. i drill approx. 10 -5/8 inch holes in the bottom. Then a layer of gravel in the bottom of tub. And then i fill the tub up with miricle gro moisture control soil. Then i plant my tomatoe plants,i water every 2-3 days. according to the weather after about four weeks, i start using miricle gro for tomatoes, according to directions on the box. And i usually have beautiful tomatoes.Also i cage my tomatoes before the get to big so as not to cause any damage. I use those square one's that fold up to store away. about 4' tall. $4.00 @ ACE Hardware. Sure hopes this helps.

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