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Seeding carnations

Seeding carnations
Posted by Michael weeks from 6 on 2001-03-20 16:17:57

Anyone know why my carnations toppled
and died?? Planted carnation seeds and
sweet williams in the same seedling
tray, 36 of one and 36 of the other....
Have them under a shop light with plant
grow bulbs for lighting....on a timer
set for 16 hrs...both plants sprouted
and grew for the first two weeks then
the carnations toppled while the sweet
williams have started sprouting their
second leaves.....why did the carnations
do so poorly?????
  • some ideas
    Posted by Joe from MN on 2001-03-20 16:19:05

    this is just a guess, but i was reading
    that sometimes if the plants are too wet
    early on they will get a fungal
    infection, esp after the first set of
    leaves and before the second set of
    leaves have been set. some plants more
    susceptable than others, recommend that
    we allow the plants to get drier, rather
    than wet. also the florescent lights may
    not be the correct light, and hence the
    shoots are long, leggy, and the distance
    from the nodes(first set of leaves to
    second set of leaves) weakens the plant,
    they fall or limp closer to ground, and
    wal lah, the fungus gets the plant, at
    least that is what i am trying to avoid,
    have had the same thing happen too.


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