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begonias/shade flowers

begonias/shade flowers
Posted by John from UTah on 2001-03-20 16:27:36

I live in Northern Utah and would like
to know when to start my Tuberous
Begonias indoors?. also does anyone have
any other shade loving flower ideas?. We
use Impatiens and Begonias but would
like to find other colorful ideas to
brighten up the shady areas.
  • begonias & others
    Posted by Nan from WI on 2001-03-20 16:29:17

    John: I live in Wisconsin and bring in
    my tuberous begonias in the fall and
    store them in my basement, still in
    soil and pot. Right around this time of
    year, they begin to grow on their
    own...that's when I begin watering
    again. So I'd think if you planted the
    tubers now, and just give them a little
    bit of water...they'd begin growing
    soon. There's a plant called persicaria
    or tovara 'painter's palette' that's
    cool looking and great for shade...but
    can be invasive in warm climates....I
    also like ligularias for foliage and
    flowers and bear's breeches for their
    tropical foliage...
    • thanks
      Posted by John from Utah on 2001-03-20 16:30:00

      Thank you for the info. I have planted
      some 1 week ago and they are already
      starting. (I just wish I had more room
      in the house). Thanks for the shade
      ideas. I will look them up at the garden
      center this year.

      Thanks again.


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