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cutting garden/easy care

cutting garden/easy care
Posted by Laura from CA on 2001-03-20 16:31:11

Hi All,

I am looking to create a cutting garden
of very low-maintenance flowers for my
mom. Most of her yard is full sun, and
she really doesn't have the time for
much maintenance. Any suggestions for a
summer full of low care blooms that do
well after cutting? Thanks, Laura
  • my faves
    Posted by gardenmommy4 from Louisiana on 2001-03-20 16:32:14

    Sunflowers! there are so many kinds now-
    get the branching kind- my top sellers
    when i grew them commercially-
    have forever after!) and in a separate
    place where you have trouble growing
    other stuff grow apple mint and
    spearmint as fragrant green fillers
    • some to try
      Posted by MaryJo from In on 2001-03-20 16:33:23

      I would try zinnias, sweet william,
      salvia, larkspur, delphinium, lillies,
      gladious, mums, dahilas, coneflowers,
      snapdragons, and garden pholx.
      • zinnias
        Posted by Karen from MI on 2001-03-20 16:34:13

        You could try Zinnias, they are easy to
        grow from seed and they really like
        being cut it makes them bloom more.
        • Zinnias are Easy!
          Posted by Kat from MN on 2001-03-29 09:30:44

          Zinnias are really easy, and really beautiful. I planted (directly outside) giant cactus zinnia seeds last spring, and they grew about 3 feet tall with 4-6 inch flowers, from mid-summer to fall. (And they don't like to be over-watered, so that's a plus.)



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