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Posted by Lynn from on 2001-03-20 16:34:47

Welcome to NGA's re-designed Discussion
Board. If you've been here before, you
know what a great group of participants
are here to help you with your question
or problem. If this is your first visit
to these boards, then know that we love
to talk about the real bones of the
garden: trees and shrubs. Vines have
been added as well. I'll be anxious to
hear what everyone is planting to
celebrate Spring 2001.
So...Let's Talk Gardening!
  • jacaranda/lavendar
    Posted by nora from california on 2005-05-11 12:44:00

    i just moved to a new area so.calif. there is a jacaranda in the yard would like to encocurage it to blooom any suggestions.?..also the lavedar bush has yellow leaves does that mean more water is needed?


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