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frican Violet Suckers

frican Violet Suckers
Posted by Jennifer ( from Colorado on 2005-04-21 01:57:00

I keep reading that I need to remove suckers from my plants. I know that a sucker is a new plant growing from the original, but I have no idea how to identify or remove it.
How do I identify a sucker (I am not at this time interested in propagating it) and how do I remove it without damaging the parent plant?
  • Suckers
    Posted by Will Creed ( from NY on 2005-04-24 08:17:00

    Removing plant suckers is not nearly as important as your readings suggest. In some cases leaving the new growth suckers in place can actually improve the appearance of the plant and lead to more frequent flowering.

    AV's grow leaves from a single central stem. A sucker will appear at the base of the plant and it will have its own tiny stem around which tiny leaves will grow. That is how you identify it.

    Th easiest way to remove them is to simple pinch them out between your thumb and forefinger. Don't worry, you won't damage the main plant unless you drop the whole thing on the floor.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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