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Jade Plants keep dying

Jade Plants keep dying
Posted by b from NY on 2005-04-29 08:50:00

Can anyone give me some tips on how to care for Jade plants? I am on my fourth one (they are not standard, but variation jade plants). They each last about 4 months and then eventually, the leaves begin to brittle up, fall off and then parts of the stems start falling and the base 'trunk' gets soft and then it dies. I was told jades should be watered healthily once every three weeks and that they don't require direct sunlight. Is this true? What could be some remedies? # 4 is starting the same death process.. I'd love to save her.
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    Posted by Molly ( from WI/4 on 2005-06-12 09:29:00

    Hi,I've been propagating. I have read that you cut the piece off with a clean sharp knife, let sit for 2 days and then I put them in Schultz Cactus soil (Home Depot), keep in the dark for 2 days and then water lightly. Perhaps once monthly in the summer. Perhaps if you take a piece off of this Jade, if she does die you could start over. Good luck!
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    Posted by Alice from Florida on 2005-06-10 09:00:00

    Mine like afternoon sun and very little water. About as much as you would give a cactus. I find if I pamper them too much they die. Just leave them alone. Miracle Grow works good too.Just put it on the soil not the petals.Good Luck !!!


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