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Posted by John Miller from ill. on 2001-03-21 18:59:50

Every year my cucumbers seem to die off
to soon,I wonder if anyone can give me
some advice on how to make them last
  • re cucumbers
    Posted by Andy Nelson from MI/5-6 on 2001-03-27 13:10:15

    The timing of your die-off is important. Do you notice it during or after periods of warmth and humidity? There are several blights, scabs, molds, spots and mildews that can maime or kill cucumbers. There is a copper-soap product available which can help with nasty fungal and bacterial conditions. In reference to the beetles, I would place a few sticky traps around the cucumbers to get a feel for who's eating there. Then target the pest specifically. As an alternative to Sevin, products containing pyrethins have both knockdown power, and repellent properties as an organic last-resort.
    Andy Nelson


  • cucumbers
    Posted by Don M. from Mo. 6 on 2001-03-26 20:50:57

    John, whats happening is Cucumber beetles are getting into the plants.
    they feed on the plants, & in doing so inject a toxin which results in bacterial wilt.
    the wilt takes about 2 months to block the vines from taking up moisture, & nutrients, & thus the vines wilt & die.
    there is no cure for this disease, but here is what we do.
    either plant seed direct or start your plants inside, set out, & fertilize the holes as usual. run a weeper hose along side the plants, cover the plants or seed bed with a insect cloth, leave the cloth on until the plants bloom.
    remove the cloth, fert., weed, mulch.
    keep the plants dusted with Sevin or another cuke bug killer.
    this systems gives the plants 2 months of production before they die from the wilt.
    good luck.
    Quoting John Miller: ------------
    -Every year my cucumbers seem to die off
    -to soon,I wonder if anyone can give me
    -some advice on how to make them last



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