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Mushrooms in my Basil

Mushrooms in my Basil
Posted by Le'en from NW Florida (Pen on 2005-05-23 04:57:00

I've just found - since sunset (it's now well after midnight - some beige, umbrella-top mushrooms growing in my indoor basil plant. It is the only herb I have in a pot maybe too large for it - room for the things to grow, I guess, and we've just turned on the A/C so it's been cool in the house.
They almost look like button mushrooms from the supermarket, but I'm not going to experiment with them in any cuisine :o)

It just freaked me out to see them come up so fast and so many of them!

I left a note so my husband can see them before he goes to work early in the morning, but I'm not even sure if they will still be there (I know nothing about mushrooms except that a friend in highschool's father grew them in her basement,in the dark)

They look benign and a little cute, but I'm not sure just what to do?

Thanks for any advice.


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